June 08, 2023

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Rise of petrol prices boosting sales of electric two-wheelers in India 

Electric two-wheelers in India 

Rise of petrol prices boosting sales of electric two-wheelers in India 

The rise in fuel prices has boosted the sales of the electric two-wheelers as consumers are looking for alternatives. If we take an example of Maharashtra from December 2020 to March 2021, registrations for HS E2Ws increased by 94.16% and in the same period, registrations for ICE 2-wheelers declined by 18.4%. The rise in the petrol prices increases from INR 89.16/litre to a high of INR 97.57/litre in the last 3 months and as of today its Rs 107.83 (per Litre) in Mumbai, Rs. 105.83 in Hyderabad, Rs 102.49 in Chennai and Rs 102.08 in Kolkata and New Delhi it is costing Rs 101.84. There are at least 25-30 cities where petrol price has crossed Rs 100 per litre. Similar is with diesel prices too such as Rs 97.45, Rs.94.39, Rs 93.02 in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Read further to know more about electric two-wheelers in India. 

If we take the example of Mumbai petrol price Rs 107.83 (per litre)X 365 days=Rs.39,357.95 (for one year). That was the calculation for only 1 litre and if you use more than one litre a day then you need to spend more money on petrol. For example, if you use 2 litres a day, then the calculation will go on as Rs 215.66 X 365= Rs.78,715.9.

Electric two-wheelers in India 

What you are spending on petrol price Rs.39,357.95 (1 litre per day) in which you can buy Hero Optima HX (single battery) that is costing Rs.53,600, Hero Optima HX (dual battery) costing Rs. 58,980, Ampere Zeal at Rs.59,990, and Ampere Magnus Pro at 65,990.

With the petrol price Rs.78,715.9 (2 litres per day) you can buy Okinawa Ridge+ at Rs.61,791, Hero Photon HX at Rs. 71,449, Okinawa Praise Pro at Rs.76,848 and Hero Nyx HX at Rs 85,136.

Instead of wasting money on petrol, we can use electric vehicles, it is not only good for pockets but also for the environment. Take initiative now to help the next generation to live in an eco-friendly and greener environment. 

Now we do have support from the government too as it is providing some nice incentives on electric two-wheelers. So why don’t we start from smaller beginnings to help nature and the government too and also for our own health and savings.

Many automakers have already rased their dealership in many cities such as Revolt Motors and Bajaj Auto had recently opened their bookings in various cities and continuously many electric vehicles are launching such as Tata Motors has launched its Nexon EV in Nepal recently.

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