December 03, 2022

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Revolt upcoming Cafe Racer electric bike

Revolt Cafe Racer electric bike

Revolt upcoming Cafe Racer electric bike

There is no doubt that revolt RV 400 is one of the best electric bikes in India. But very few know that it is a remake of Super Soco TS with an upgraded motor. During the launch of RV400, the company also teased about its upcoming electric Bike Cafe Racer. Let us now discuss in detail about Revolt Cafe Racer electric bike. 

Revolt Cafe Racer electric bike features

There is no doubt, Revolt Motors to bring one more electric bike from Super Soco as the Cafe Racer. Very likely, Revolt to bring Super Soco TC Max bike as the cafe racer which looks similar to the teaser picture.


The TC Max is more powerful than the RV 400 in terms of power. It is powered by a 3.9 kW electric motor, with a peak output power of 5.1kW. Again the motor type is Belt drive same as RV 400. With this power, the cafe racer can get a top speed of up to 95 kmph

Now coming to the major part, the battery pack, it is 72 v 45 ah 3.24 kWh lithium-ion battery same as RV400. And there is an additional space to keep a spare battery. Overall the cafe racer can go up to 160 km range on a full charge. The battery is removable and can be charged in 5 hours. 

But, unlink the digital dashboard, the TC Max to get a mix of both analogue and digital instrument cluster. But you can still get the analytics like range estimation and battery percentage on the LCD electronic display.

The New Revolt Cafe racer can resist a water level up to 288 mm and comes with ip65 protection. It has 17 inch tubeless tires control by front and rear disk brakes, CBS braking, ground clearance of 198 mm. On the front part, there is a high-concentration LED light, which is waterproof and moistureproof. Front dual suspension and rear mono suspension, both are hydraulic. The good part about his electric bike is the wide seating one of the not so good things in the RV 400 is the small rear seat, but the cafe racer has a comfortable large seat.

However, the final technical specifications may vary like the battery capacity, motor power and speed. Even slight design improvements as well. Revolt motors may officially launch this Electric bike in the next two years and the price of this electric bike going to be slightly higher than the RV400.

Also, watch the video here in English, Telugu & Tamil languages

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