December 04, 2022

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India’s first cross electric scooter Hyena M1

electric scooter Hyena M1

Indias First cross electric scooter Hyena M1

A startup from Bhopal Aslov Auto has designed and developed Indias first cross electric scooter the Hyena M1. The speciality of this electric scooter lies in the engineering behind this, the suspension of this electric scooter is designed to tackle the toughest ride conditions in India. Even the spare parts are designed in-house. Let us know more in detail about the electric scooter Hyena M1. 

electric scooter Hyena M1

For the best comfort, dual Suspension is used at the rear and telescopic suspension at the front. You don’t need a driving licence or registration to ride this electric scooter can handle loads up to 200 kgs easily. It is possible with the Exoskeleton chassis which provides high endurance and agility. Due to its lightweight, and strong body the electric scooter is suitable for all age groups.

The Hyena M1 is best suitable for your daily commutes and load handling due to its ruggedness and lightweight design. The seat is wide enough to carry a rider and a pillion. The wheels are 12 inches, comes with drum brakes. On the front part, there is a traditional analogue meter shows-speed, battery percentage and odometer.

The Hyena M1 comes with an all-LED system for a vivid ride experience. You don’t need to worry about its lifetime, because the company is providing 8 years warranty on the body and chassis. It is available in 8 colour combinations blue, white, black, green, yellow, red, orange

Specifications of Hyena M1 

It can provide a comfortable speed of 45 kmph and gets power from a waterproof chain-drive motor. On a full charge, you can travel up to 180 km which means you don’t need to worry about charging. The company is offering different battery pack options of 25 ah, 35 ah, 50 ah, 60 ah, 70 ah provides a range of 60 km, 90km,125 km, 150 km and 180 km respectively. 

Aslov Auto is providing 4 years of warranty on its LFP batteries. Charging time is between 3 to 4 hours based on the battery capacity for 180 km of travel, you need to spend just 15 rupees on the electricity bill. The ex-showroom price of Hynea m1 starts from 57,000 and goes up to 85,000 based on the battery capacity.

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