December 09, 2023

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Pure EV upgraded its high-speed electric scooter Etrance Neo

Pure EV electric scooter

Pure EV upgraded its high-speed electric scooter Etrance Neo

Pure EV an India’s leading electric two-wheeler company which is IIT Hyderabad incubated spread across all over India has upgraded its high speed and long-range electric scooter ‘Etrance Neo’ which is an upgraded version of Etrance plus. The Etrance Neo was launched last year on December 1, 2020. It is the second high-speed electric scooter Etrance Neo from the company. Read the complete article for detailed information about Pure EV electric scooter Etrance Neo. 

Pure EV electric scooter

The company claims that the all-new Etrance Neo is affordable yet comfortable loaded with a long-lasting lithium battery that provides high performance.

Currently, the Pure EV has Epluto 7G, Etrance Neo, Etrance, Etron+ electric scooters in its portfolio. Pure EV high-speed electric scooters are EPluto 7G and ETrance Neo and two low-speed models are EPluto and ETrance.

Etrance Neo electric scooter

This electric scooter is not only loaded with a high-performance battery but now it comes with some upgraded features such as grab rail, key lockset, instrument cluster, front shock absorbers, rear shock absorbers, rearview mirrors, swing arm covers, detachable lady footrest, seat and a slanted battery position.

Let us now look at the upgraded features of the electric scooter in detail


The seat length and width has been improvised and increased. The length has increased by 140 mm for better ride comfort, making the seat more spacious. The width has also increased by 10mm for better thigh support, Rider and pillion rider will have more grip and comfort while riding the vehicle.

Pure EV electric scooter

The gap (A) observed in between the seat & dome is because of the increased seat width for thigh support.

  • The gap (A) is maintained for seat covers fitment.
  • Design flow of seat with respect to the dome from the top side is better

Grab Rail

Pure EV electric scooter

  • Grab rail revised for pillion rider’s better back support and easy handle grab
  • Overall aesthetics are better because of the combined seat and grab rail revision

Key lock set

Pure EV electric scooter


  • Keys-More secure keys with upgraded build material
  • Number of Keys- Now with 4 keys

Instrument cluster

Pure EV electric scooter


  • Upgraded the speedometer & odometer indications, Offers more accurate indications
  • New ergonomic design and brighter display
  • Better visibility even on sunny days
  • All the information at first glance
  • Better and quicker riding mode information
  • Upgraded battery level indication

Front Shock Absorber

Pure EV electric scooter


  • Included the shock absorber’s bellows
  • Better protection against the water and dust
  • Enhanced life

Rear Shock Absorber


  • Upgraded Shock absorbers with better stiffness and damping for an upgraded model
  • Better vehicle control with improved riding comfort

Rear View Mirrors


  • Stronger build quality
  • Better rear view while riding
  • Better aesthetics look

Swing Arm Covers

Pure EV electric scooter


  • Upgraded design of swing arm covers, more appealing from side
  • Better protection for cables & drum
  • Brake

Detachable lady footrest


  • Clearance between lady footrest & doom assembly (A) is increased
  • Upgraded location/position (moved towards the rear side) for better comfort for pillion rider
  • Elimination of the interference with plastic parts
  • Easily replaceable
  • Better weight carrying capacity

Slanted Battery Provision


  • More boot (luggage) space
  • The Center of Mass of the vehicle shifted to the Lower and forward side
  • Provides better handling and control
  • Better ride quality
  • Provides stability against the strong wind

Specifications of Etrance Neo

If we look at the specifications of Etrance Neo, it works with a 1.5kw BLDC hub motor which provides a top speed of 60 km/h. Whereas the battery back is 2.5 kWh lithium-ion which is detachable. On a full charge, you can travel up to 120 km in the eco mode. The power consumption is 2.5 units. The lithium-ion battery pack is made in Hyderabad by pure EV. The scooters tyres are 10 inches tubeless. Braking is in the front disc brake and rear drum brake

Features of Etrance Neo

The dashboard is 4 inch MF LCD, you can check speed, odometer and battery percentage in it. The vehicle gradeability is 12 degrees and the loading capacity is 150 kg.

Apart from that, it has some features such as metallic battery casing, BMS smart active balance 50A. It has an external charging port and has LED headlamp.

It has rear and front/left and right blinkers, reflectors and brake lights. It has alloy mudguards in front and rear and twists the throttle. It has an anti-theft smart lock that protects the scooter from stealing.

Etrance price & warranty 

The ex-showroom price of Etrance neo is 75,999 rupees and it is coming with 3 years of warranty on battery and motor. License, registration and insurance are required to buy this electric scooter. It will be available in pure EV showrooms in 2 weeks.

The startup has already launched five scooters in the market such as EPluto 7G, Epluto, Etrance, Etrance Plus and Etron plus.

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