May 24, 2024

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Pure EV responded on ePluto on fire-trending on social media 

Pure EV responded on ePluto

Pure EV responded on ePluto on fire-trending on social media 

If you are someone who has seen a mobile phone battery exploding then it is something similar you are going to hear in this article too but this time it is not a mobile phone battery it is an electric vehicle battery. A video on social media sites went viral of an electric scooter emitting smoke before it catches the fire in Hyderabad. Read further to know more about Pure EV responded on ePluto electric scooter on fire. 

The video was shared on Twitter by a user quoting “Buy an E Scooter and suffer” in the video the electric scooter can be seen parked on the roadside.

The electric scooter is from ePluto built by Pure EV, a Hyderabad based EV startup incubated in IIT Hyderabad. The company in the past 18 months has sold more than 25,000 electric vehicles.

The video went viral and many of the users responded, some commented in a funny way and some blamed the battery’s poor quality and some supported electric vehicles saying electric vehicles are considered to be safe and eco-friendly and the company needs to respond and address this issue.

In response to the comments and people looking for the answers from the company “Pure EV,” here we have bought you the answer from the company.

Pure EV responded on ePluto

The Pure EV said that ” As seen from the video, after a long smoke kind of event, the battery went into complete thermal runaway. Due to the effective thermal management system used in the battery and coupled with the blast-proof alloy metallic casing, the thermal runaway event (fire incident) was delayed by almost 10 minutes and completely avoided the explosion kind of event, unlike the 100s of EV Lithium Battery uncontrolled fire explosions that took place across world/India.”

The company has embedded the above and many more proprietary/ trade secret features in our thermal/battery management system. It conducts continuously thermal runaway tests on our batteries at our facility and keeps on improvising.

“We are investigating the incident by recalling the damaged vehicle to the factory and we will know more details about the internal root causes to the triggering of thermal runaway event in the particular battery,” it added.

The company has also appreciated the efforts of the community to raising their voice regarding battery safety. It also said, ” All these paid vendetta being executed on one specific brand by making one video viral while simply ignoring the plethora of incidents happening across multiple EVs and ICE vehicles in India, and including many EV/Battery factories had major fire incidents.”

It said even the best quality batteries manufactured by world-class manufacturers have gone for scary thermal runaway events, and multiple ICE vehicle fire incidents go unreported every day.

The company is also ready to welcome the government guidelines on various battery-related issues. The company said that “We welcome, if the Government or the concerned regulatory body wants to issue detailed guidelines on the manufacturing, testing and validation methods, transportation, storage and usage of the Lithium batteries to the EV OEMs, and safety manuals and checklists to the dealers and the end consumers, and the frequent service/ health check-up/ maintenance protocols of the lithium batteries while they are in use and idle conditions.

And the recent incident has motivated the company to improve more on their safety records. Its continuous battery improving technology for the last 2 years is a testimony to our resolve to be here for the longer term. Pure EV said that it is working hard to make Lithium batteries/EVs accessible and affordable for the common man and democratize EV technology.

The company has been manufacturing Li-ion batteries for more than three years with continuous improvisations in the design, performance and safety aspects. The company has been doing rigorous testing and validation on all the batteries before sending them to the customers.

Pure EV 

PURE assures all of the patrons that offers one of the safest and high-performance lithium batteries, which is evident from the 1000s of user experience stories across Pan India, who have individually driven these vehicles for more than 20,000 to 50,000 KM in the shortest span of time, which is one of the highest odometer readings in the EV2W industry.

PURE batteries come with a state-of-the-art thermal management system, which is a combination of the electronics/sensors coupled with multiple active/passive materials, not only to avoid the thermal-runaway events but have significantly improved the on-road performance by many client clocking ranges of 100 KM to 140 KM.

If you are interested to read the complete response issued by the Pure EV. Please go through this document PURE EV

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