May 19, 2024

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OTTO Mini Electric Bike- MCR Electric Motorcycle

otto mini electric bike

Otto Mini Electric Bike is a short and stylish electric bike which gives top performance and range. The best part of this electric bike is the looks and the features which can kill the imagination dreams and transform to reality.

OTTO Mini Electric Bike Specifications

  1. The top range of 100 km
  2. Peak torque of 170 Nm
  3. Peak power of 7.5 kW
  4. Top speed of 92 to 103 km
  5. High efficient permanent magnet with brushless motor
  6. High efficient controllerotto mini electric bike pic

Power System

  • Maximum capacity of 4.8 kWh
  • The normal capacity of 3.9 kWh
  • Quick charge enabled with 1 hours time
  • The general charger takes 2 hours to charge
  • The input voltage of 110V or 220v

otto mini electric bike app

Warranty Details

2 Years standard motorcycle warranty
5 years motor and driver warranty.

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