May 28, 2024

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Hyderabad Metro SmartBike -Going The Green Way

Hyderabad Metro

Hyderabad Metro has shown its brand image in terms of natural way and inspiring way. It might be the first Indian state to encouraging Electric vehicles mobility in the main metro stations. It’s not only pride to Hyderabad but also a proud moment to the newly born state government Telangana. Recently, go green smart e-bikes has launched in main metro stations in Hyderabad.

hyderabad metro rail

Hyderabad Metro Milestones in Green Mobility

Electric Cars

Hyderabad metro Rail encouraging the metro rail passengers road transprot journey in a clean and greenway. Zoomcar electric car is available to passengers in Hyderabad metro at very cheap costs like 8.50 rupees per km.They are 100% zero emmission electric vehicles.

ZOOMCAR hyderabad metro
hyderabad metro Electric Cabs

Encouraging electric vehicles in Hyderabad gives a signal to all other developed cities in India to take a green move. Currently, zoom electric cars are available at Miyapur metro station.

Electric Scooter

On the occasion of India’s 72nd independence day, Hyderabad metro offering a special gift to all the metro passengers by launching electric scooters in all the famous metro stations in Hyderabad. These electric scooters are very cheap to ride at an operating cost of 4 rupees per kilometer.

Hyderabad Metro scooter
Metro electric scooter

Even the best facility for the passengers is they can take the electric scooters with them and return on the next day.

Electric Bicycles and E-bikes

Foldable E-scooter and E-bikes were recently launched by HMRL MD ME.NVS Reddy.

hyderabad metro
metro e bicycle in Hyderabad

As a part of green metro HMRL MD launched E-bicycle for a health and clean drive.

hyderabad metro cycles
metro cycles in Hyderabad

Foldable E-scooter is very comfortable to use for hassle free riding in traffic. On August 4th a tweet from the official account of Hyderabad metro “Use bicycles often and contribute for a clean and green environment on the lines of , a green transport solution.” shown below.

hyderabad metro



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