July 18, 2024

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Nissan E-NV200 Electric Van Full Specifications and Review

Nissan electric van

If you are looking for a cargo van with high performance and range with zero maintenance then Nissan E-NV200 electric van is for you.

Nissan Smart Mobile Office

This electric van can instantly change into your mobile office. You can easily fold the front passenger seat to create your office work desk.

Nissan E NV200
E NV200

Nissan E NV200 Full Specifications

  • 100% electric car with a 40KWH battery
  • A range of 200km to 300 km
  • Quick charging capability in less than one hour.
  • Cargo capacity of 4.2 M3
Nissan E-NV200 electric van
E NV200 electric van

E-NV200 Performance

This Electric van is best suitable for city’s challenges. It is best suitable for shifting cargo business.
Nissan electric van is equipped with the same battery as the Nissan Leaf, this electric van is the perfect example of intelligent power, electric transportation, business-friendly.



Benefits of E-NV200 Electric Van

If you are a citizen of UK, you can get a 20% discount from the government.UK government currently encouraging electric vehicles.

Nissan electric van
E NV200 electric van

Features of Nissan electric van

Ultra-fast charging

Nissan electric van

Blazing speed charging, just 40-60 minutes needed for an 80% charge.

Sleep charging

Nissan electric van

You can charge your electric van using your wall box, it will take 7.30 hours which is equal to your sleep time.

Best Electric Cargo van

This electric van comes with two option VAN or COMBI.

The difference is mentioned below


Nissan E NV200


Nissan E NV200
E NV200 full specifications



Nissan E NV200
E NV200 full specifications

Nissan E NV200 warranty

Nissan provides warranty on E NV200. It also guarantees to give 60,000 miles or 5 years warranty and 8 years or 10,000 miles battery capacity loss warranty.

Nissan electric van

Best price guarantee

Electric vehicles usually require less maintenance hence the total costs can be reduced. Saving petrol and diesel and gives a maximum range of almost 300km.

Nissan electric van

The price of E NV200 is 18,599 Euros or 15 lakhs approximately in Indian currency.

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