June 16, 2024

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Tata Motors official press note about Tigor EV Mileage issues

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Everyone should accept that Tata motors role in the electrification of India is a prominent one. But, government officials refuse to use the electric cars made by Tata Motors and Mahindra mentioning range and performance issues are their major concern. Government points out Tigor EV performance issues.

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Not all the apples are tasteful. Tata motors respond to the negative comments made on Tigor Electric vehicles (EV) by some media. They have mentioned the below clarifications regarding the misrepresented statements regarding the points.

Tigor EV Mileage issues clarification from Tata Motors

  1. Tata Motors didn’t find any range related issues with Energy Efficiency Services Limited(EESL).
  2. Tata initiated the EESL tender of 10,000 electric cars and its the first step taken for electrification of India. It literally generates the EV interest in the country for electric cars.
  3. They even talk to the EV experts to maintain an optimum balance between end-user requirements and daily requirements like price accessibility and meeting the tender specs.
  4. Tata motors successful in meeting the specifications mentioned in the EESL tender.
  5. Tata motors mentioned 74% of car buyers in India can afford a budget of 4Lakhs to 8 Laksh. For the expensive electric cars with a price range of 1.5 million, on the customers are limited. Car price depends on battery cost which is a little expensive nowadays. But, they are successful in meeting the specification chosen by EESL, making Tigor EV good enough for the city use.
  6. The best mileage any person expecting in a day is 50-60KM.Tigor EV gives a top range of 130Km which is great for daily requirement. The range can be further extended to 250Km with a better battery of coss more than 7Lakhs, but the electric car price will hikes, which is hard to buy for a majority of the Indian customers.
  7. Tata Motors completely drives into the electric vehicles technology hub, ready to provide a wide range of services on electric vehicles. They also mentioned that they have introduced Tigor ev electric car which is custom-made to the EESL tender.
  8. However, Tata Motors is committed with the government’s mission of e-mobility by 2030 and willingly work for a sustainable future for India in Electric vehicles sector.

Click here to view the official press note from TataMotors

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