December 04, 2022

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NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle revealed 

NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle

NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle revealed 

Nawa Technologies has revealed a zero-emission motorcycle NAWA Racer a hybrid electric motorcycle. The company said that it will unveil a zero-emission motorcycle in the coming months and it will be the production model. It will be the road-going version of the NawaRacer concept showcased at the 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The electric motorcycle is being developed in association with YSY Group, Pronergy, FAAR and AKKA Technologies. Let us know more in detail about NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle. 

NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle

NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle features 

While we look for the electric motorcycle Nawa Racer features, it has a round headlamp with a daytime running light in a black casing, black alloy wheels, minimalistic bodywork and smooth flowing lines. The copper accents and upswept single-piece tan seat with the rear making it looks more attractive.

“We had such a fantastic response to our NAWARacer concept at CES 2020 that we had to take the next step and showcase what our NAWACap technology truly can do,” he said. “In order to develop a fully dynamic prototype, and best reflect our next-gen energy storage technology, a world-leading consortium has been brought together to design and build a fully functioning version.”

NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle


Its technical specifications include, the cafe racer uses a combination of nano and clean technologies. The combination includes an electrode, the company calls it an Ultra Fast Carbon Battery (Ultracapacitor). The NawaCap ultracapacitor lithium-ion hybrid setup is able to charge 0-80 per cent in just one hour. The battery capacity comes with 0.1 kWh and weighs only 10 kgs. Its regenerative braking system recovers about 80 per cent of lost energy.

The NawaRacer need a small battery of 9kWh. It provides a top speed of 160 kmph with a single charge and provides a range of 150 km and its urban claimed range is 300 km. The NawaRacer tips the weighing scale at 150 kilograms making it lighter than any other electric motorcycles.

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