May 24, 2024

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Miku Max EV- Fashion Electric Scooter

miku max

Miku Max EV is an electric scooter produced by the Chinese manufacturer Sunra. Sunra is a multinational automobile company, sells scooters across 70 countries in the world. It has a production capacity of 4 million electric scooters per year.

Miku Style

Everyone needs a style to show their personality in the new era of individuation. Miku electric scooter is an icon for the style. 5 different colors are available to choose by the rider.

miku max scooter
5 Different colors available

Specifications of Miku Max EV

  1. 100% Electric
  2. 0-45km/h in 9secondsbds
  3. The maximum range of 60km
  4. Top speed of 45km/h
  5. Noise 40db silent
  6. 800w  motor power

miku max

Miku Max EV Measurements

Miku Max EV

  • Length: 1685mm
  • Height: 1065mm
  • Width: 780mm
  • Max load capacity :100kg
  • Wheelbase:1205mm
  • Tubeless front and rear tires:3.0 -10″

Miku Max EV battery

  • Battery weighs 9kg
  • Charge time 4 hours
  • I/p voltage: 60V ,20AH
  • 900 Charging cycles

miku max ebike

Miku EV Infotainment

  • Seating capacity: 1 person 70 kg with 21% climb capacity
  • Front and rear Disc brakes
  • 1 USB port
  • Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Digital meter

miku max

Unique Design

  • C-shape body frame is a unique design concept for EVs, but also strong enough to carry you.
  • Efficient disk braking system
  • Bright LED lights to hunt the darkness

miku max


Accurate & stable control of the motor for different road conditions automatically.

Note: FOC processor can produce full torque at zero speed, and is capable of quick acceleration and deceleration.”

Miku Max Price

The price of Miku max is $695-960.

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