July 15, 2024

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Nuro Autonomous Electric Delivery Vehicle


Nuro is a fully autonomous, on-road electric vehicle designed to transport goods quickly, safely and affordable. Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu are two young engineers devoted their careers to create this unique invention.


They founded Nuro in 2016 to harness the power of robotics and artificial intelligence to solve new challenges on a global scale.

The Self-driving Vehicle made for local goods transportation

Nuro Electric Vehicle Features

Designed to Deliver

This autonomous vehicle is designed to get anything, anytime, anywhere. Handles all kind of short journey deliveries from dinner to dry cleaning.

nuro electric car

Safety first

With driver, many accidents are happening, without driver is hard to accept. But this self-driving car has been engineered from the ground up to keep the outside world safer from the inside.

nuro electric van


This Self-driving electric vehicle is efficient, electric, and fully autonomous, affordable price to everyone.

nuro electric vehicle

Nuro Electric Vehicle Launch Date

At present, this self-driving car is in testing conditions, even the specifications of this electric vehicle are yet to be released. We are expecting this EV will be launched by 2020.

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