July 18, 2024

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electric scooter

Scrooser is a 1000% zero-emission electric scooter designed for the luxury and drive for comfort. Driving made easy and fun. Scrooser can be customizable.

Scrooser Electric Scooter Features



Available in Blue, Black Red, and white colors.

Customised Seat Design

scrooser electric scooter

Four Drive modes for different drive experience.

scrooser electric scooter

S-Sport Mode

Fast driving mode

C-Comfort Mode

A mixture of sport and eco mode.


Fully electric mode.Highly optimized battery.

H- Hand Mode

Single gear riding mode

LED Light

Stylish and bright LED inserted on the Scrooser will shines along your way. Automatic Switch on.

scrooser electric scooter
Legal Street Ride

It’s legal to ride this e scooter on any street.

scrooser electric scooter

Fully Charged

Ready for a ride in 2.5 hours.500 W battery delivers a mileage of 54 km.

scrooser electric scooter
Scrooser Specifications

  1. A top speed of 20km to 25km.
  2. A maximum range of 54km
  3. Releases a torque of 65Nm
  4. Total load capacity 150Kg
  5. Scooter weight without battery: 56KG

scrooser electric scooter

Electric Scooter Pure Price

The price of the Scrooser electric scooter is $5,999.

scrooser electric scooter

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