September 25, 2020

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Mahindra Treo & Piaggio Ape E-City E-Autos Comparison

Mahindra Treo & Piaggio

Ape E-City E-Autos


Electric three-wheelers have become the leaders of all the other electric vehicles categories. It has always lead sales in the EV market. So let us compare Mahindra Treo & Piaggio Ape E-City. 

Currently, there are many electric vehicles manufacturers who are manufacturing electric three-wheelers in India. We will be comparing the two popular manufacturer’s electric three-wheeler, the Mahindra’s Treo and Piaggio’s Ape E-City.

So let us now compare both the vehicles. But before we jump into the comparison let us know a few things about both the companies 

Mahindra Treo & Piaggio Ape E-City

Mahindra is the most popular and pioneer company which entered into the EV industry and the first company to introduce electric auto-rickshaw in India. It is Treo electric auto-rickshaw is the most popular and best selling electric vehicle. 

Whereas, the Piaggio has also launched its Ape E-City electric Auto electric rickshaw in the Indian market.

Mahindra Treo E-Auto & Piaggio Ape E-City Comparison

Specifications Treo Ape E-City
Top Speed 45 km/h 45 km/h
Range 130 km 68 km
Motor 5.4kW 5.4kW
Battery 7.37 kWh 4.5kWh
Running cost 50 paise/km Rs.2/km
Charging time 3 hrs 50 min 10 min swap
Torque 30 nm 29 nm
Price 2.22 lakh 1.97 lakh
Warranty 36 months 36 months
weight 350 kg 389 kg

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Top Speed & Range 

With the above comparisons, we see that both the electric autos have similar top speed that is 45 km/h but there is a great difference between the range, the Treo gives a range of 130 km and Ape E-City gives 68 km of range.

Motor & Battery

If we look at the motor’s peak power of both the electric autos is 5.4kW. While their battery packs are different. The Treo is having 7.37 kWh and the Ape E-City is equipped with a  4.5kWh battery pack.

Running cost & Charging time 

The Mahindra Treo full charge cost is around 65 rupees and the running cost is 50 paise per km. Whereas, for Ape e-City, the running cost is 2 rupees per km

Mahindra Treo comes with fixed batteries, so it will take 3 hours and 50 minutes to charge it fully. Whereas Piaggio Ape e-City comes with a battery swapping option. The EV users just have to visit the nearest battery-swapping station and swap their batteries in just 10 minutes.

So, with these comparisons, we have come to a conclusion that both the electric autos are best depending on the users necessity.

Users can opt for Piaggio Ape E-city if they need battery swapping option for fast charging and more km warranty and they can also go for Mahindra Treo if they are looking for high range and low running cost. 

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