October 22, 2020

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Bajaj Auto & KTM to jointly develop e-mopeds segment

Bajaj Auto & KTM

Bajaj Auto & KTM to jointly

develop e-mopeds segment

Here is great news for all the electric moped lovers. The Bajaj Auto and its Austrian partner KTM have included electric mopeds in their multi-product line-up. These e-mopeds will be manufactured in India and are exported to other markets.

Bajaj Auto & KTM

The electric mopeds are light-weight and are powered by low power electric motors. It will be a commercial product which is expected to commence in 2022 in Bajaj’s plant in Pune. The Electric scooter and electric bicycles are already part of the project.

The two partners are planning to sell their products in India as well but the timeline is not yet said.

During the FY20, the Pierer Mobility Group (earlier tarted KTM Industries) and Bajaj Auto started a development project for Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) electric vehicles in the power range between 3 and 10 kW.

Under the brand of both the partners’ various product, variants include scooters, moped and motorized bicycles.
Currently in India, TVS Motor Company is the only company in India to make mopeds powered by a 100cc engine, selling 50,000-65,000 units every month. This is mainly for lower-income households or small entrepreneurs.

Stefen Pierer, Chairman of the executive board, Pierer Mobility, said this addressing the shareholders

“As part of the series development project for PTW electric vehicles in the low voltage range (48 volts), which was developed together with Bajaj, various product variants in the segment of electric scooters will be produced from 2022 under both the brands of both partners.”

The two companies have been partnered since 2007 and developed their partnership boundaries. The joint partnership develops and produces performance motorcycles for KTM and now they make products under other brands as well.

Bajaj will start exporting the electric Chetak to KTM to be sold in Europe. Not only on low power electric vehicles the two companies are also working on high-power electric motorcycles as well.

KTM has started series production of two electric motorcycles, KTM SX-E 5 and Husqvarna EE 5 in Europe.

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