May 17, 2024

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L5 E-Rickshaw Specifications, Review and Price

L5 E-Rickshaw

L5 E-Rickshaw is the latest electric Rickshaw from electrotherm (India) Limited Uvraj designed, created and developed in the USA. The electric vehicle comes under the three-wheeler category. It covers a 120 km in a day and chargers quickly and partial charge capacity. Fast charging with ET-Fast 30A battery charger. It can be driven on slopes and uneven roads easily. Comfortable seating and extra leg space and comfortable backrest are some of the unique features of this Electric Vehicle. Let us have a quick review of EV below.

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L5 E-Rickshaw Review


Maximum range is 120 km Per Day
Charging-ET-Fast 30A battery charger
ground clearance- 130mm
Seating capacity – 4 passengers plus driver

Price of L5 E-Rickshaw

The price of the EV is RS 1,60,000, Government subsidy Rs.25,000
EV images


L5 E-Rickshaw
L5 E-Rickshaw

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