May 18, 2024

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kymco Ionex Electric Scooter-No Battery Electric Scooter

kymco Ionex Electric Scooter

Kymco Ionex electric scooter is one of the best electric scooters in the 21st century. This Japanese electric scooter can work without a battery. It has a fixed core battery which will run in the absence of a secondary removable battery. Kymco is one of the trusted automakers in Japan.

Price of Ionex Electric Scooter in India is around Rs 1.5 Lakh, which is $2,083 USD.

KYMCO IONEX Electric Scooter Digital Look

Ionex electric scooter is best in looks and elegant in performance. It can allow the rider to reach a destination of 200km with a single charge. Charging stations are available at nearest workstations as well as home charging facilities.

kymco Ionex Electric Scooter
kymco Ionex Electric Scooter

Extra battery

This electric scooter has a surprising option to store three extra batteries which is useful to reach out long distances.

kymco Ionex Electric Scooter

Charge point networks

Charge point networks help to recharge batteries in less than an hour. Helps in
reducing the

kymco Ionex Electric Scooter


1)Compact stylish battery, easy to carry

kymco Ionex Electric Scooter

2)Battery swapping technology with nudge access

3)Largest under-seat storage

kymco Ionex Electric Scooter

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