April 11, 2024

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Hyundai Electric Car Named as Wallpaper

wallpaper Hyundai electric car

Wallpaper is the future concept Hyundai electric car with the reflections of emotions. Wallpaper electric car concept vision is to discover perfect harmony between feeling and function.

wallpaper Hyundai electric car

Hyundai wallpaper is Designed with 4 key elements- Proportion, architecture, styling, and technologies like autonomous driving connectivity and electrification. The electric vehicle Focussing on consumers experience.

In the past, the vehicles compete for its performance and its design but the future cars are more about peoples feelings.

wallpaper Hyundai electric car

Le Fil Rouge has a really special light signature where Hyundai is promoting light architecture either in autonomous or driving mode.

About Hyundai Electric Car

Innovating beauty in transport with a route map of elegant design. Hyundai’s zero-emission car gives the driver a tactile and sensory relationship the performance.

wallpaper Hyundai electric car

Hyundai Electric Car features

  • Elegant flow of lines and the parametric jewel surfaces
  • 3D LED Lights Technology

wallpaper Hyundai electric car

The LED lights create a surface and disperse vivid colors into the air. Different graphics can be performed in the car software for projecting different 3D lighting effects.

  • Elegance in design language

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