May 19, 2024

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India Looks South America’s Lithium Triangle To Fulfill Growing EV Demands

India South America’s Lithium

What is Lithium?

India Looks South America’s – Lithium- White petroleum, which drives much of the modern world. It forms a tiny but most important irreversible component of rechargeable batteries used in devices like mobile phones and electric cars. It has pharmaceutical and other applications.

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India Looks South America’s Lithium

In earth’s available resources, half of the earth’s resources (minerals) are found in South America’s “lithium triangle.” The region holds 54% of the world’s lithium resources. India Looks South America’s.


India lithium-ion battery market is growing at a CAGR of over 22% by 2023. The Growth of lithium-ion battery is also developing the solar energy projects, rising urbanization, government schemes such as National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) and Make in India.

India Looks South America’s Lithium

The use of more eco-friendly vehicles giving an opportunity for the manufacturers to utilize more of lithium in India. India Looks America’s Lithium.

Government’s Aim To All-Electric By 2030 Increase The Demand lithium-ion Batteries

Government’s aim to have only electric vehicles (EV) by 2030 increases the demand for lithium-ion batteries in India. With the increasing demand for electric mobility, there is also an increase in the demand for lithium in the country.

Lithium Triangle countries Offer To Meet India’s Growing Demand.

India to set up large lithium-ion battery plants since the Lithium Triangle countries offering to meet India’s growing demand. There have been visits to the Lithium Triangle’ in South America, consists of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, delegation from Khanij Bidesh India Ltd., (KABIL) consortium of three PSU companies including National Aluminum Company (NALCO), Hindustan Copper (HCL) and Mineral Exploration Corp Ltd., (MECL) visited these countries recently.

Ministry of Mines Created An Association To Explore Minerals Overseas

Ministry of Mines, Government of India created an Association to identify, explore, acquire, develop and process strategic minerals overseas. With the aim of achieving the all-electric car fleet by 2030, it has reached out the ‘Lithium Triangle’ in South America recent years ago. Dr. Ranji Rath, CMD, MECL, SK Patnaik, DGM (Mines) NALCO and Amit Degvekar, Sr Manager, HCL, of KABIL Joint Venture visited Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile.

Ambassador Of Argentina Said To India

Daniel Chuburu, ambassador of Argentina to India had said that “Before the visit of President Mauricio Marci, a delegation of Khanij Bidesh India Ltd. will be visiting Argentina end of next month for exploration opportunities in the mining of Lithium.”


President of Argentina Mauricio Macri Visits India-  Discuss Lithium Mining

The President of Argentina Mauricio Macri will visit India on Feb 17 for three days, for a meeting to discuss the Lithium mining which is included in the agenda. New Delhi will be the host.

Bolivia Country Looking Indian Capital Investment To Develop Massive Lithium Deposits

Bolivia Country reserves natural gas and largely depends on the natural gas and mineral exports, its looking Indian capital to invest in developing Bolivia’s massive lithium deposits, which will be for 60% of the world’s reserves.

Former Ambassador of Bolivia Said To India Sergio Arispe Barrientos

“With the largest lithium reserves in the world, Bolivia can partner with India in its electric vehicle park projects. The delegation from KABIL visited the Uyuni Salt Flats and had a tour of the existing infrastructure and future sites. The delegation also had meetings with the Minister of Energy,” said former ambassador of Bolivia to India Sergio Arispe Barrientos.

About President Kovind’s visit to Bolivia, Barrientos said, “The visit demonstrates a proactive and aggressive stance to secure lithium sourcing in view of a highly anticipated EV and energy storage policies.”

Adding, “This is the first major step of the Indian government to secure a key commodity in response to the Chinese geopolitical strategy of capturing key minerals.”

“There are lots of possibilities for cooperation with India as all are part of the Solar Alliance and Lithium is big in the region and can be exported to India.”


Chile Current Major Producer Of Lithium- Deposits Found In Andes Region

Argentina has also approached the Indian government and companies to make investment in lithium mines in the South American nation. As Chile is the current major producer, but deposits of Lithium are found in the entire Andes region.

Government as part of Make in India Programme should set up R&D and technology development centers for the development of lithium ion battery manufacturing plants which is very essential for the manufacturing of EVs in India.


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