May 17, 2024

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Discom Encourages Green Bus Infra In Delhi

Discom Encourages Green Bus

Delhi Government has received a proposal from the Tata Power Delhi to join the hands to lineup the electric buses by its contribution in setting up the charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs).  Discom Encourages Green Bus Infra In Delhi.

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Discom Encourages Green Bus Infra In Delhi

In Regard for setting up the charging stations, the discom in Delhi wrote to transport minister Kailash Gahlot about the capital expenditure, funds used by the company to receive an upgrade and maintain physical assets.

It has also made an appeal to the government direct Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) to give permission to it so that it passes on the cost in its tariff.

The Tata Power Delhi is planning to set up EV Charging stations at four bus depots Bawana, Narela, Burari and Rohini sector 37, the licensed area.

“The existing electric network will also have to be augmented to meet the demand of new charging stations,” said an official.

After the deployment of the project in the first year, the annual revenue requirement will be around 20 crores. “With socialization of the additional capex over the entire consumer base of Tata Power Delhi, the per unit impact on tariff will be negotiable,” said an discom official.


The surplus power can be used to charge the EVs, “Due to long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) with various power generating stations across India, Tata Power Delhi remains in surplus power situation almost the year, ” he adds. The discom sells it in short-term price available in the market.
If you calculate the amount of electricity consumed to charge electric buses, it will need more than 50 MUs to charge 879 e-buses every year, which decreases the surplus power by Rs 12-15 crore in the first year and later it will come down more.

“The reduction in loss due to the utilization of surplus power will ultimately lead to the net reduction in ARR, resulting in lower retail tariff for Delhiites, ” said an official.

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