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In 2023, here are the top 10 low-speed electric scooters in India

In 2023, here are the top 10 low-speed electric scooters in India

India’s low-speed electric scooters


Electric scooters have become significantly more popular in India due to their eco-friendly nature and cost-effective process. As technology improves, low-speed electric scooters are becoming more popular with urban commuters and those seeking an effective, affordable, and sustainable transportation alternative.

The Indian market is expected to launch a wide range of low-speed electric scooters in 2023 to suit different needs and tastes. This extensive list will help you choose the ideal low-speed electric scooter for your needs, whether you’re a student, office worker, or anyone looking for an eco-friendly choice for their commute.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 leading low-speed electric scooter solutions currently available in India in 2023.



India’s Top 10 Low-Speed ​​Electric Scooters 2023


Our research shows these are the top 10 low-speed electric scooters in India in 2023. To rank the best low-speed e-scooters, we have listed their names according to their ratings.


  1. Oreva Adidev
  2. Avon E Plus
  3. Detel Easy Plus
  4. Ampere Reo Elite
  5. Hero Electric Flash E2
  6. Lohia Oma Star Li Electric Scooter
  7. Gemopai Ryder
  8. Okinawa R30 Electric Scooter
  9. Yulu Dex GR
  10. Okinawa Lite


Here’s a closer look at these electric scooters:



  1. Oreva Adidev




With its creative design, solar charging capacity, electric motor performance, user comfort, and safety features, Oreva Adidev is attractive to environmentally conscious drivers seeking efficient, environmentally friendly, and advanced transportation options.

The OREVA E-scooter is a stylish, eye-catching, well-equipped, and effective vehicle. Attractive graphics, digital meters, sturdy body, high torque, and two-tone color.

Looking at Oreva Adidev’s extras, 85% of scooters are produced in-house. Developed with India’s road conditions in mind. Moreover, the oversized brake diameter ensures faster stops and safety for unending trips. Customers appreciate the large light reflections and saree-protected wheel covers. The engineered plastic body provides high impact resistance and durability for this electric scooter. An additional 10-liter capacity storage bin and a protective cover for storage are also included. Made of freshly painted plastic.



Oreva Adidev



Price Rs. 30000/-
Power 500W
Speed 40 Kmph
Weight 65 KG
Kerb Weight 75 KG
Range per Charge 60 KM per Charge
Break System Drum Brakes
Dimensions 1750x630x1030MM
Voltage 48 V
Charging Time 4-5 Hrs



  1. Avon E Plus


Avon E Plus is known for its reliability and robustness. Built with high-quality materials and components, it guarantees long-term performance and requires only minimal maintenance. The entire Avon E Plus ownership experience is managed by Avon Cycles Ltd. It has a strong presence in the Indian market and offers excellent customer service and support.  It comes in 2 variants, Avon E Plus STD, and Plus with the same price.


Avon E Plus



Price Rs. 25,000/-
Range 50 KM/Charge
Top-Speed 24 Kmph
Motor Type BLDC
Battery Capacity 48 V/ 12 Ah
Battery Type VRLA
Break Front Drum
Starting Self Start Only
Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tube




  1. Detel Easy Plus




The Detel Easy Plus is an electric scooter from Detel, a renowned electric vehicle manufacturer in India known for its affordable and green mobility options. Detel Easy Plus is a popular choice for short trips and local errands due to its price, portability, and simplicity. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a 20Ah capacity, it is an eco-friendly zero-emission vehicle that reduces air pollution. Various colors such as red, blue, cyan, and yellow are available. 


Detel Easy Plus



Price Rs. 46,999/-
Range 60 KM/Charge
Speed 25 Kmph
Seat Height 740 MM
Load Carrying Capacity 170 KG
Headlight LED
Turn Signal Lamp LED
Voltage 48V
Charging Time 4-5 Hrs
Tyre Type Front – Drum
Rear – Drum




  1. Ampere Reo Elite



The Ampere Reo Elite has a timeless and elegant style that exudes luxury. This scooter features a vintage-style body with modern touches like chrome highlights, round headlights, and a retro-inspired design. An advanced 60V lithium battery with a 38.25Ah capacity makes it ideal for Indian drivers looking for a pocket-friendly and eco-friendly vehicle. It has telescopic suspension and is available in five color variants: Ocean Blue, Metallic Red, Glacial White, Graphite Black, and Galactic Grey.



Ampere Reo Elite



Price Rs. 45,000/-
Range 80-100 KM/Charge
Max Speed 50±3 Kmph
Gradient 13˚±2˚ (Single rider)  8˚±2˚ (Double rider)
Load Carrying Capacity 150 KG
Charger 60V, 7.5A Li
Motor Power 1200-2100 Watts
Brake Mechanical Drum – 130mm HBS
Wheel 10 inch
Ground Clearance 147 MM
Wheelbase 1390 MM




  1. Hero Electric Flash E2



A popular electric bike with contemporary features that are both stylish and valuable is the Hero Electric Flash E2. The Flash E2, one of the organization’s leader models, provides metropolitan workers with an economical, powerful, and harmless ecosystem option for transportation. Hero Electric is a significant maker of electric vehicles in India. Controlled by a Lithium-particle battery with a charge capacity of 1.536 kWh. It comes in 02 unique tones; Red and White.

The Hero Electric Flash E2 is an excellent choice for riders worried about the climate and searching for a helpful and reasonable method of transportation. It has adjustable suspension and a CBS slowing mechanism to help put away energy and expand reach.



Hero Electric Flash E2



Price Rs. 59640/-
Range 85 KM/Charge
Max Speed 25 Kmph
Full Charge 4 to 5 HRS
Battery Capacity/ Rating 51.2V/ 30Ah
Kerb Weight 87 KG
Motor Power 250 Watts
USB Charging Port Yes
Wheel Size 12 inches
Cruise Control No




  1. Lohia Oma Star Li Electric Scooter



Lohia Auto Industries plans to develop an innovative electric vehicle that offers an up-to-date, eco-friendly method of transportation in today’s city environment. Fueled by a high lithium-particle battery, Lohia Oma Star Li offers a convenient and green method of transportation with zero emissions that in the long run helps diminish broadcasting contamination and helps in an Earth-wide temperature rise. It is presented in four tones: Fiery Red, Macho Black, Spirited Grey, and White. Aside from these stunning tones, it also has adjustable suspension.


Lohia Oma Star Li Electric Scooter



Price Rs. 51,750/-
Range 70 KM/Charge
Max Speed 25 Kmph
Battery Capacity 29 AH
Charging Time  4-5 HRS
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Front Fork Telescopic




  1. Gemopai Ryder



For those searching for an appealing, harmless to the ecosystem, and cost-effective electric bike, the Gemopai Ryder is a worthwhile choice. It provides metropolitan workers and city occupants with a down-to-earth and ecologically valuable mode of transportation. This is done with its state-of-the-art plan, exceptional execution, and easy-to-understand highlights. Gemopai Ryder comes in 03 variations; 48V, 26Ah, 48V, 30Ah, 48V, and 40Ah It comes in 05 astonishing varieties – Magnificent Red, Ryder Charcoal Dim, Gleaming White, Sapphire Blue, and Ivory Gold.

Among each of the three variations, Gemopai Ryder (48V/40Ah) stays the top dealer and costs 84,302/ – and the other two variations 48V/26AH 70,850/ – and 48V/30AH 75,794/ -.



Gemopai Ryder



Price Gemopai Ryder 48V/40Ah -Rs.84302/-
48V/26AH – Rs. 70,850/-
48V/30AH – Rs. 75,794/-
Range 90-120 KM/Charge
Max Speed 25 Kmph
Weight 65 KG
Load Carrying Capacity 150 KM/ Charge
Charging Time 4-5 Hrs
Dimensions 1800x1060x650MM
Voltage 48V/ 40Ah
Brake System Disc Brakes




  1. Okinawa R30 Electric Scooter



The Okinawa R30 electric bike mixes the latest developments in electric vehicle innovation with the smooth structure and reasonableness of a contemporary bike to produce a truly innovative and naturally capable transportation technique. Fueled by a 1.25kWh Lithium-particle separable battery, it accompanies a computerized speedometer and is available in 05 colors – Yellow, White, Red, Orange, and Green.


Okinawa R30 Electric Scooter



Price Rs. 61,998/-
Power 250W
Seat Height 735 MM
Range 60 KM/Charge
Max Speed 25 Kmph
Load Capacity 150 KG
Ground Clearance 160 MM
Mobile App Connectivity No
Motor Warranty 3 Yrs/ 30,000 KMs
Voltage 48V
Brake System Drum Brakes
Dimensions 1725X695X1080MM
Charging Time 4-5 Hrs




  1. Yulu Dex GR



Current e-scooter rental business Yulu Dex GR offers metropolitan occupants a modest, viable, and natural portability method. Yulu Dex has laid an excellent foundation as a choice for fast metropolitan travel. This is thanks to its brilliant innovation incorporation, client solace, security highlights, and commitment to manageability. It advances cleaner and greener urban communities. Controlled by a lithium-particle battery it accompanies a battery marker on the handlebar which indicates that the charger is located from the battery. In this case, stopping is represented by a simple and light focus. It is scheduled to launch in June 2023 with a prize of 1 Lakh in the Indian market.

Yulu Dex GR



Price Rs. 1,00,000/-
Power 250W
Speed 25KM/H
Range 60 KM/Charge
Load Capacity 12 KG
Ground Clearance 160 MM
Battery Lithium-ion
Mobile App Connectivity No
Suitable For Food, Grocery, and Medicines





  1. Okinawa Lite



The Okinawa Light electric scooter offers pragmatic and practical versatility. It is trendy, innovatively modern, and harmless to the ecosystem. It is an engaging choice due to its contemporary style, state-of-the-art innovation, and modest price for people looking for an electric bike for driving purposes. This unit is powered by a lithium-particle separable battery with a capacity of 1.25 KWH. It’s a miniature charger with auto-cut capability. It comes in dynamic varieties like Pearl Blue, Pearl White, Dawn Yellow, Lustrous Red, Ocean Green, and Metallic Orange.


Okinawa Lite



Price Rs. 66,993/-
Power 250W
Speed 25KM/H
Range 60 KM/Charge
Load Capacity 150 KG
Brake System FR- Disc
RR – Drum
Dimensions 1730X690X1280MM
Voltage 48V
Charging Time 4-5 Hrs




All in all, as an ever-increasing number of individuals seek eco-accommodating and reasonable transportation choices, the market for low-speed electric scooters in India is anticipated to fundamentally grow throughout 2023. The most popular 10 low-speed electric scooters in India give a broad scope of answers to address different riders’ issues, from city suburbanites to neighborhood task sprinters. The low cost, ease of use, and eco-friendly execution of these electric scooters make them an excellent option for fast drives and neighborhood trips.


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