June 10, 2023

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Hero Vida opens new dealerships for Chennai and Pune customers

The EV manufacturer company Hero Vida has opened two new dealerships in Chennai and Pune. 

Following the inauguration of the latest dealerships, Hero Vida announced on its official Twitter account that customers may now reserve the Vida V1 Pro for INR 499 in both cities. 

Though the business offers Vida for sale in Delhi, Jaipur, and Bengaluru, Pune and Chennai pricing have not yet been released.

“After 25,000 hours of meticulous testing and refinement,” the business claims, “VIDA has created a vehicle that truly delivers on its promise of being the ultimate solution for urban commuting.”


How Vida V1 stands out in the market?

As a Bajaj Chetak rival and a Hero MotorCorp product, Vida V1 occupies the premium market. Years of work and testing paid off when Hero released the Vida V1.

The V1 Plus and V1 Pro electric scooters, are the two variations of the model. Both the variants have a sleek, contemporary look that will catch people’s attention. Moreover, the V1 is not just attractive in appearance; it is also brimming with cutting-edge technology that set it apart in the congested electric vehicle industry.

V1 Plus Vs V1 Pro

V1 Pro

V1 Plus

3.94kWh battery

3.44kWh battery

₹1,39,000.00 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

₹1,28,000.00 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

95 km

85 km

80 kmph

80 kmph

0-80% charge in 65 minutes

0-80% charge in 65 minutes

Other than these specifications, the V1 Plus has a battery that can be divided into two distinct parts, each weighing 11 kg. This makes it differ from other scooters. 

Other Features of Vida V1

You won’t have to look for your keys or hop on and off with fully keyless functioning. Additionally, using cruise control while driving allows for a comfortable and effortless journey. However, safety is never compromised because the V1 has a protected SOS button on the handlebar that, in the event of an emergency, may send out an alert message via the mobile app.

Speaking of the mobile app, the V1 will soon have access to a numerous new features that will increase its adaptability and convenience. We’re eager to see what Vida has in store for the app, even if we were unable to test these features during the launch ride.

The follow-me-home lights, which add an added layer of safety and convenience while riding at night, are possibly the most stunning aspect of the Vida V1, though. With all of these cutting-edge capabilities and more, the Vida V1 electric scooter is a true game-changer in the transportation industry.

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