June 13, 2021

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 Gujarat’s Statue of Unity to become India’s first electric vehicles only zone

 Gujarat’s Statue of Unity

 Gujarat’s Statue of Unity to become India’s first electric vehicles only zone

The Statue of Unity Area Development and Tourism Governance Authority (SOUADTGA) said that it will develop the “country’s first electric vehicles-only area” in Gujarat’s Kevadia. Gujarat’s Statue of Unity space has become India’s first electrical vehicles-only zone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that Kevadia which has the world’s tallest Statue of Unity will become India’s first electric vehicle city.

The Statue of Unity Area Development and Tourism Governance Authority in a statement said that the area around the 182-metre tall Statue of Unity in Kevadia in Gujarat’s tribal-dominated Narmada district will be converted into an electric-vehicles-only area in a phased manner.“In the area under the authority, only electric vehicles will be allowed to ply, with the buses made available for tourists also running on battery power instead of diesel,” it mentioned.

Modi had mentioned that steps are being taken to run solely battery-based buses, two- and four-wheelers in Kevadia in future. As per the plan, the native’s residents across the statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel will get help to buy electric three-wheelers. The SOUADTGA would additionally be giving a subsidy to buy electric autos.

“The beneficiary officers/employees will have to pay the amount other than subsidy, and facilities will be provided to deduct the amount of loan from their salaries in easy instalments. Beneficiaries will have to guarantee that they will not operate petrol-diesel vehicles in the area,” SOUADTGA mentioned.

Less than 50 electric rickshaws will be allowed to ply within the space underneath the authority in the early stages. Women and girl drivers will also be encouraged to get free coaching at the Skill Development Center at Kevadia. Within space itself, a separate workshop and charging station can be provided.

At Kevadia, there are two hydroelectric power plants that produce eco-friendly electricity and there are no polluting industries. If space is allowed only for battery-electric vehicles will reduce air and noise pollution and is also an added feature to the charm of the unique tourist destination.

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