May 24, 2024

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China’s first city in world to have complete e-buses & taxis

e-buses & taxis

 e-buses & taxis-Shenzhen, in southeastern China currently have more than 16,000 electric buses and 12,000 electric taxis with metropolis’s palm-fringed boulevards. There are none diesel or gasoline buses or taxis available there and all-electric vehicles are made in China.

China’s first city in the world to have complete e-buses & taxis

Last year, with the 14 electric buses, it had witnessed the largest electric-fleet operators in the United States (Southern Chinese) and already had reached half of its way.

Zheng Jingyu, the Shenzhen transit official

Zheng Jingyu, the Shenzhen transit official said, “cost a lot of money,” he means by this is going all electric had cost a lot of money but it helps our citizens and helps our air.”

Shenzhen, China’s Tech Hub city

The tech hub became the first city in the world to have electric buses and electric taxis fleet. China had huge amounts of support of electric-vehicle manufacturers, production setting plans for plug-ins and doling out incentives for electric-car buyers.


CO2 emissions reduction is 1.35 million tons a year

The transition from diesel and gasoline completed in January which will lead to reducing the CO2 emissions from the air of about more than 1.35 million tons a year removing the 280,000 passenger cars off the road.

Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington 

“The current U.S. administration is not a leader promoting electrification or alternative energy sources, so the federal government is sitting on its hands,” said Scott Kennedy of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

“The difference between China and the U.S. couldn’t be greater. It’s night and day.”

Deals between bus, taxi & Shenzhen’s BYD

Officials made deals between the bus and taxi operators and Shenzhen’s BYD,electric-vehicle manufacturer.

Shenzhen’s BYD, in turn, received more than half the price of every bus $150,000 out of $300,000 directly in the form of government handouts.

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