October 03, 2023

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Get ready for the next step with Simple Energy

Get ready for the next step with Simple Energy

Simple Energy unveils its upcoming projects, two scooters and an electric bike


One of the leading electric vehicle manufacturing companies, Simple Energy was founded in 2019. As a leading manufacturing company, Simple Energy Private Limited manufactures the world’s first premium and affordable battery-powered two-wheel scooter. Several days have passed since the company launched its first electric scooter, called “The Simple One”. By providing premium, yet affordable, environmentally sustainable vehicles, Simple Energy is disrupting the worldwide two-wheeler market.

They started with a vision, a future of electric and connected mobility. And they are on a mission to accelerate electric vehicle adoption, by making them more accessible, affordable, safe, and comfortable.

Now the company has revealed that they are working on two more electric scooters and a battery-powered bike. The company is also planning to launch an electric car by 2025, and it is already working on it.




In a recent interview, Suhas Rajkumar, Simple Energy’s Founder, and CEO, revealed that future plans are slowly getting developed behind the curtains. He said they were working on two more battery-powered scooters and a battery-powered bike, which will be launched in 18 months. He also added that they are working on an electric car. It will be launched in 2025. Their objective is to increase powertrain efficiency, and they are building innovative automobile technology for that and it will be magnet-less. Also, they are exploring the development of a strong hybrid electric car.



An upcoming electric scooter, about to be released by Simple Energy, will cost less than its first electric scooter, the Simple One, which was launched earlier and is leading in the top listed e-scooters. And, the Simple One electric scooter is priced at Rs. 1.45 lakhs. The Simple Energy premium bike costs Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs. Electric scooters from Simple Energy cost between Rs. and Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. Approximately eight to ten months will pass before the production of these electric scooters is expected to begin.

Simple Energy has announced the launch of this fuel-efficient vehicle on 15th August 2021 at Rs. 1.10 lakhs (inclusive of all prices). On the same day Ola Electric, one of India’s leading electric scooter manufacturers, launched the Ola S1 Pro, one of the most popular models in its line.

After unveiling its electric scooter, Simple Energy said it would begin delivering electric vehicles in December 2021. It was later postponed due to COVID-19 and supply chain restrictions. That date was then pushed back to June 2022 due to an increase in E-car fires. It was then postponed to September 2022 due to compliance with enhanced battery safety regulations passed by the Ministry of Roads and Highways (MoRTH). Finally, Simple One electric vehicles will be delivered in phases in Bangalore from June 2023.



Simple Energy competitor Ola Electric also aims to have a battery-powered electric vehicle on the market by 2025. Simple Energy and Ola Electric are competing to ramp up electric vehicle production to meet customer demand.

Suhas Kumar, founder and CEO of the four-year-old start-up, said the electric scooter has a fixed and removable battery and can operate under ideal driving conditions (IDC). The cruising range is guaranteed to be 212km. Equipped with an efficient lithium-ion battery with 5 kWh capacity. A thermal management system for electric scooters was developed in collaboration with IIT Indore. Simple Energy aims to sell 30,000 units per month. It also aims to become the number-one electric scooter in the Indian market by next year. Rajkumar said the company’s upcoming two electric scooters will continue to see sales growth as they have relatively low vehicle prices and the potential to grab a 60-70% share of the hybrid vehicle market.


Simple One electric scooter launched


Aside from that, Rajkumar said, “We intend to expand our operations to boost margins in the future. Within the next 24 months, we plan on turning our EBITDA into a positive figure, and the company’s revenue is projected to range from Rs. 150 crores to Rs. 200 crores, so Simple Energy aims to earn Rs. 3000 crores by next year.”

The company statements state that the company is aiming to export electric vehicles from India within the next 18-24 months to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.  




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