October 04, 2023

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Here’s what you need to know about BYD Han Electric Sedan
Here’s what you need to know about BYD Han Electric Sedan

Here’s what you need to know about BYD Han Electric Sedan

BYD Han electric sedan: Price, Range, and Specifications

Designed by a Chinese manufacturer, the BYD Han is a medium-sized luxury electric sedan released in March 2023. Its impressive range set it apart from other electric vehicles on the market, making it one of the leading models on the market.

As part of our article, we will review the latest BYD Han electric sedan and give you our opinion on whether or not it is worth your money.  

Design and appearance

Exterior & Interior

The all-new BYD Han looks beautiful, boasting an innovative and cutting-edge design. This electric sedan has a very low drag coefficient of 0.23, offering an ideal combination of speed, durability, and range.

Moreover, BYD Han’s 19-inch wheels enhance both aesthetics and stability of the vehicle to the highest level. Furthermore, this electric vehicle has a height of 1495 mm, a length of 4995 mm, and a width of 1910 mm.

In addition, BYD Han’s eye-catching crystal steamer headlights convey futuristic flair, a stunning blend of lighting beauty, and technology. That’s one of the reasons the company claims it’s a “sleek, sporty sedan.” 

As for the interior, BYD Han seats are ergonomically designed, stylish, and luxurious. Interior layout and control accessibility are just two examples of the designer’s extraordinary attention to detail.

Seat adjustments, ambient lighting, temperature, and airflow temperature can all be controlled through multi-function pads on the rear seat armrests.

BYD Han’s body design is admired and recognized around the world. One of the world’s most prestigious design awards, the iF Design Award, was awarded to this product in recognition of its accomplishments. 

Many people don’t know that BYD has dominated the battery business for 28 years. One of its most advanced batteries was used in the development of this electric car.

BYD Blade Battery is the type of battery used by BYD Han. The latest innovation battery from BYD is one of the safest in the world. It has passed the most stringent test requirements and is one of the safest batteries in the world. In addition, the electric all-wheel drive works in real-time and offers excellent traction control in all weather conditions. Moreover, its chassis is based on a very advanced architecture, making it a very powerful electric vehicle.

BYD Han’s SiC MOSFET semiconductor technology uses aerospace-grade aluminum space carbide. As a result, highly integrated SiC modules maximize electric motor efficiency and extend vehicle range.

This electric sedan is also equipped with a sophisticated energy-saving heat pump system. Thermal efficiency during heating and cooling is improved, and energy loss is suppressed. This will extend your mileage in cold weather. 























One of the vehicle’s most impressive features is its innovative Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology that turns the newly launched BYD Han electric vehicle into a mobile power source.

This cutting-edge Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology powers everything from smartphones to camping essentials. These characteristics define what today’s electric vehicles should be. 

In addition to the price of the item, there is another important factor to consider. It has been decided by BYD Han EV manufacturers to launch sales of their electric vehicles in China first. It is estimated that in China, 229,800 RMB would be worth $32,800.

BYD Han is an electric car with a very elegant and opulent design that is available in six premium colors, adding to the elegance and opulence of the vehicle. Among the colors that can be chosen, there are the following:

  • Space is black
  • Time Grey
  • Snow White
  • AI Blue
  • Emperor Red
  • Mountain green

As a result,

We believe BYD Han is a significant next step in the future. Because the future of the automotive industry is electric vehicles. Having exemplary specs and a high level of build quality is essential if you want your car to stand out on the market.

This electric car stands out in this respect and is far ahead of other cars currently available on the market. 



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