August 06, 2020

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FAME II Scheme-Electric two-wheeler & their incentives amounts 

FAME II Scheme-Electric two-wheeler

FAME II Scheme-Electric two-wheeler & their incentives amounts

Government is providing incentives to push the electric mobility in the country. According to FAME India Scheme Phase I, 2,80,995 electric vehicles sold in India and in FAME India Scheme Phase II, 3,635 electric vehicles sold in India under the FAME Scheme. Karnataka is leading in sales of electric vehicles by 1,529 as of now in FAME’s Phase II. Below are the electric two-wheelers eligible for FAME II scheme and are getting incentives. 

FAME II Scheme-Electric two-wheeler

S.No Model Name Incentive Amount
1 Ather 450 27000
2 Ather 340 26732
3 Zeal 18000
4 Ridge+ 17000
5 iPraise 26000
6 Praise Pro 19000
7 Ipraise+ 30000
8 JMT 1000HS 19754
9 Photon LP 17000
10 NYX HS 500 ER 18601
11 Optima HS 500 ER 18326
12 Revolt RV 300 27000
13 Revolt RV 400 30000
14 Test Model Name 10000

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