May 18, 2024

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EXO Neutrino-Best Handling Electric Scooter


EXO Neutrino is the sportiest, best handling electric scooter. It is specially designed with the aluminum material. This makes the bike exceptionally rigid and light, improving acceleration, cornering and braking abilities.

High-performance Racing Tech

The electric scooter has a fully adjustable suspension and high-performance hydraulic disc brakes both in front and rear.The rider feels this scooter as a race bike while riding. A high-performance controller is allocated in this electric scooter to work this electric scooter efficient.

Note: Indian riders can sign up here for a test ride.

Connected Smart

A dedicated smartphone app is designed for this electric scooter for future improvement from the data gathered in the app.

  • Regenerative braking systme for optimum usage
  • USB port for multimedia.
  • LED lights for efficient energy


EXO Neutrino Specifications


  • Top speed of 45 km/h
  • 0-45 km/h in just 6 seconds
  • Maximum Range 40-80 km


  1. Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic disk brakes
  2. Tires: 12 inches front and rear
  3. Front & rear adjustable hydraulic suspension
  4. Frame: Welded aluminum


EXO Neutrino Battery and Electronics

  • Type LiFePO4, Lithium iron phosphate
  • Capacity 30 Ah (1,5 kWh) or 42Ah (2 kWh)
  • Nominal voltage 48V, Cell voltage 3.2V, 16 Cell series system
  • Charging time standard charger 8-10 hours, 4A charger
  • Charging time fast charger 2,5-4 hours, 10A charger
  • Battery Expected lifetime 50 000 km to 80% capacity
  • Built-in information display: Speed, battery state, odometer
  • Smartphone Compatibility: 5V USB charging, Bluetooth data transfer
  • Motor: Brushless DC, outer rotor, neodymium magnets, 2 kg
  • Motor power: Nominal 2.0 kW, maximum 3.8 kW


EXO Neutrino Dimensions

  1. Weight od the electric bike 76 kg (including batteries)
  2. Wheelbase 1078 mm
  3. Length 1520 mm
  4. Seat height 775 mm
  5. No. of storages 1
  6. Carrying capacity 130 kg



EXO Neutrino Price

  • The price of EXO Neutrino is 3499 Euros.
  • Electricity price: 0.12 euro per 1kWh.
  • Very affordable when compared to a petrol scooter.
EXO Neutrino White and Black rear view
EXO Neutrino White and Black rear view

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