May 19, 2024

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Skart CrossFitt-The Laser Cut Electric Motorcycle

Skart CrossFitt

The common doubt we have after looked at the motorcycle picture is, does this electric motorcycle handles my weight? The Skart Crossfitt electric motorcycle built with a lightweight carbon material, which can handle the weight easily. This electric motorcycle is specially designed for transient journeys.


The main design goal is to design a motorbike frame which doesn’t need any welding process, and easy to assemble. They finally succeeded in designing one in the name of Skart – Balázs Fröhlich (CEO & FOUNDER OF SKART MOTORS)

Skart CrossFitt


Started to build something different from nowadays, achieved their mission with Crossfitt. Currently, its a prototype and want to test lots of technology, and manufacturing process for the future use.

Skart CrossFitt

Skart CrossFitt Specifications

  • 4KW Output Power
  • Battery capacity 72V 40Ah
  • Top speed of 50-100km/h
  • Maximum range 100km
  • Charge time 3hours
  • Max torque 250Nm
  • 90% Efficiency
Skart CrossFitt

CrossFitt Electric Motorcycle Price

The price of Crossfitt e-bike is $15,000.It’s not just a concept, its a reality in future.

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