May 28, 2024

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Evolet launched electric two-wheelers at India price starts ₹39,499

electric two-wheelers

Rissala Electric Motors Private Limited (REM) is an electric mobility startup which has launched their brand ‘Evolet’ for electric scooters, motorcycles and quad bikes in India.

Evolet electric two-wheelers at India price starts ₹39,499

The startup has introduced its entry-level products which include the Evolet Polo Pony, Polo, and Derby electric scooters. The prices for the Pony begin at ₹ 39,499, and for the Polo, at ₹ 44,499 while prices for the Derby begin at ₹ 46,499.

These models are available in 2 variants each and with different battery types such as Valve-regulated lead-acid or lithium-ion. The electric scooters with entry-level models are equipped with the brushless DC motors.

The company CEO and spokesperson, Prerana Chaturvedi said that “We want to come up with a product that has no transportation cost and is affordable with the good after-sales facility. Through informative marketing, we can educate the masses about e-scooters and ascertain the fact that these vehicles are more beneficial than other types of vehicles available in the market.”

Electric two-wheelers

The launch will take place in phases, first, it will make its presence across Delhi-NCR, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana and in next 2 months it will available all over India.

The company claims that they have the world-class infrastructure to manufacture electric vehicles of all kinds in their manufacturing facility at Bilaspur in Haryana, spread over 1,00,000 square feet.

Specifications of Evolet electric two-wheelers

Polo pony

electric two-wheelers

The polo pony comes with a waterproof brushless DC (BLDC) motor with an output of 250 watts and has a maximum speed of 25 kmph and a range of 60 km on a full charge.
The second model Polo Pony EZ equipped with 48 V/24 Ah VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) battery is priced at ₹ 39,499 whereas the Polo Pony Classic comes with a 48 V/24 Ah lithium-ion battery priced at Rs.49,499.The polo range has been made inspired by the Italian styling and best suitable for shorter rides.

Polo EZ

The Polo EZ has a range of 65 km on a single charge and maximum speed of 25 kmph. The Polo EZ with 48V/24 Ah VRLA battery is priced at ₹ 44,499, while the Polo Classic with 48 V/24 Ah lithium-ion battery is priced at ₹ 54,499.

Derby model 

electric two-wheelers

The Derby model also has a waterproof BLDC motor and have two battery options lead acid battery and the lithium-ion battery. It is equipped with 60 V/30 Ah VRLA battery is priced at ₹ 46,499 and Derby Classic with 60 V/30 Ah lithium-ion battery is priced at ₹ 59,999.

Warrior electric quad bike

It has also launched the Warrior electric quad bike which is having a 3000-watt waterproof BLDC motor with a forward speed of 60 kmph and reverse speed of 20 kmph. It is equipped with a 72 V/40 Ah lithium-ion battery which provides a range of 50 km on a single charge and its cost is Rs.1.40 lakh.

electric two-wheelers

Features of Evolet electric two-wheelers

The electric scooters are IoT-enabled comes with and Evolet app. The app guides the rider about the battery health, battery status, GPS, geo-fencing and security tracking. Not only this it also reminds the customers of their service due dates and also makes appointments.

The electric scooters come with a fast charger which lets them charge in 3 hours.
The company has also showcased their electric maxi-scooter-Raptor, a naked street commuter motorcycle called as Falcon and a full faired electric sportbike known as Hawk will launch in the coming years.


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