October 25, 2020

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Chennai to get 100 electric autos soon driven by women

100 electric autos

Chennai to get 100 electric autos soon driven by women

Electric vehicles are becoming a boom everywhere for their unique features and not only that it is also empowering women in Chennai. Makkal Auto a private auto service provider is rolled out with three electric autos on road.

100 electric autos

The CEO of Makkal Auto, Yasmeen Jawahar said that currently there are 3 electric autos plying on roads of Chennai and by the end of the September the count will go to 100 and by the year-end 500 electric vehicles will be operated in the city. Our team is to convert 1 lakh auto-rickshaws to electric in Tamil Nadu by 2020.

In India, public transportation is much used mostly the auto-rickshaws for shorter distances. The initiative by the company got appreciations from Chennaities as it helps in reducing the pollution levels and the old autos which are not in use can be converted to electric helping the auto drivers for their daily wages.

Diesel/LPG and electric auto comparison  

Electric vehicles are most preferred when it comes to the cost of maintenance, Diesel or LPG auto needs fuel worth Rs 350 to Rs 400 to cover a range of 100 km whereas the same distance can be covered by an electric vehicle at the cost of Rs 35 she said.

The cost of converting an ICE auto to electric takes around Rs 2 lakh including the insurance and registration cost. If they buy an electric auto from us, it takes Rs 2.5 lakh + GST she added.

About Makkal Auto 

Makkal Transport Corporation (MTC) was established in the year 26th Jan 2014 with the motto to provide Safety, Security, and Savings to the Customers in Coimbatore. Makkal Auto is Coimbatore’s first metered Call Auto Service with Government fixed Auto Rikshaw fare, and our Auto’s are enabled with GPS / GPRS based Vehicle Tracking and Call Booking facilities.

As per FAME India, as of now 17,821 electric vehicles sold in Tamil Nadu. It takes sixth place in sales whereas Maharashtra tops with sale of 36,597.

Wheeler Type Tamil Nadu(Model) Total
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Category L1 & L2 as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR)) 491
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Category L2 (CMVR)) 1915
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Max power not exceeding 250 Watts) 8263
4 Wheelers Passenger Cars (Category M1 as per CMVR) 7152
Total 17821


(Source: Citizen Matters)

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