July 12, 2024

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EV Startup of the week-Smado Labs Pvt Ltd from Kerala

EV Startup of the week

During the brainstorming sessions, the only one word was hitting to their minds is e-bike, after three years of continuous hard work and multiple failures, the trio engineer friends finally developed an electric bike ‘Tezlaa’ this year in July.

EV Startup of the week-Smado Labs Pvt Ltd from Kerala

The electric vehicles (EV) startup Tezlaa has come up with an electric bike which is foldable and can be carried easily anywhere and everywhere to a metro station, car or to an apartment.

EV Startup of the week
EV Startup of the week

EV Startup of the week

Smado Labs Pvt Ltd startup is started with an aim to push the environmentally-friendly electric cars and bike. It started by Midhun Sankar, Ashin AI and Jishnu P in Kochi, Kerala. The startup is based in Maker Village, India’s largest incubator center.

As recently, our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during the budget presentation in the parliament said that “India is aiming to become a global hub of manufacturing electric vehicles (EV),” has encouraged and motivated many manufacturers. environmentalists and to the nature lovers all over India.

Electric bike ‘Tezlaa’

The trio Engineer friends had dreamt to make eco-friendly products and here they are ready with the eco-friendly bike “Tezlaa.” They wanted to build an e-bike which should be unique to the market.

EV Startup of the week
EV Startup of the week

Tezlaa Comes 2 models  

The e-bike Christened as Tezlaa which comes in two models Alpha-1 which will cost Rs 49,500 and the second model is Alpha-1 Pro costing Rs 69,500.

EV startup of the week

Tezla e-bike specifications 

The e-bikes can be charged in just two hours. In a single charge, it provides a range of 50 km and the latter covers 100 km. It has portable batteries which are made from aluminum and alloy frame which can be removed from the bike to charge it.

The benefit of the aluminum is that the e-bike can be ridden also in rains. It has an interesting feature is that the seat is adjustable according to the convenience of the rider. It can be used by all age groups and genders.

The e-bike has three riding modes

  • Pedal-In this mode, the pedal is used like normal cycles and there is no need for a battery.
  • Assist-In the assist mode, the rider has to pedal a little and for the rest, the cycle will assist.
  • Electric-Electric riding works like a motorcycle.

As of now, the startup sold more than 50 e-bikes in just two weeks after the launch. Presently, the startup is receiving hundreds of calls to order the e-bike every day. 

(source-Better India)


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