June 15, 2024

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Euler Motors startup to launch electric three-wheelers in India

electric three-wheelers in India

Euler Motors, a New Delhi based automotive technology startup to launch electric three-wheelers in India for commercial use. Around 100 prototypes of electric three-wheelers are currently in use by some of the companies including Udaan, BigBasket, EcomExpress, BlueDart, etc providing last-mile delivery in Delhi-NCR.

Euler Motors startup to launch electric three-wheelers in India

The company claims that with a single charge their cargo electric vehicles provide a range of 80-100 km but then depends on how much the load vehicles are carrying. The electric three-wheeler can carry the maximum load of 500 kgs.

The electric three-wheelers at present using 5.76 kWh battery packs for its vehicles. Not only electric three-wheelers the company has also installed more than 70 EV charging stations across Delhi-NCR.

The Euler Motors performs its research and manufacturing in its three centers in Faridabad, Haryana and along with Okhla industrial area.

electric three-wheelers in India

The company founder and CEO, Euler Motors said that the company is working towards sustainable last-mile transportation by adopting electric vehicles.

“The battery pack created by us and the innovations may set industry standards which will definitely help the e-commerce companies, logistics providers and independent fleet owners.”

The company inspired by the work done by the Tesla and committed building India’s transition to sustainable mobility. The company aims to become the category leader for cargo transport by driving the EV revolution in India.

Arpit Agarwal, from investment team at Blume Ventures said, EVs are becoming popular and increasing, shared, autonomous and connected. Euler Motor is representing a new crop in auto companies. They were able to understand the paradigm of Total cost of ownership parity ahead of the market and built a product with a business model that has no parallel in India.

The overall cost of EV ownership is actually lower than diesel vehicles. Consider fuel costs: diesel vehicles operate at ₹ 2.5/km while a Euler vehicle runs on ₹ 0.6/km. 

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