June 15, 2024

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Tesla’s New EV V3 Supercharging Network

Tesla's New EV V3

Tesla’s New EV V3 Supercharging Network- If you are a music lover just play your favorite album of 15 minutes, sit back and enjoy the music, by the time you listen to the music your EV gets recharged. Yes, you heard it right, it is possible with Tesla’s new efforts.

Tesla’s New EV V3 Supercharging Network

Tesla is planning to double the power at Tesla power stations and preheating the batteries before arriving at a plug-in point.
Preheating the batteries can reduce the time of charging and can charge your electric vehicle fully in just 15 mins.

V3 Supercharging Network Provides  250 kilowatts Instead Of 120 kilowatts

V3 supercharging network is what Tesla calls it, which will launch by the end of this year. From these charging stations as many as cars can be charged every day. The company claims that this new supercharging stations will provide 250 kilowatts instead of 120 kilowatts.

Tesla planned this when it came up with its Model 3 fleets and Porsche. This technology will start In North America next month than European countries and the Asia-Pacific region until a half year.

400 Charging Stations Installation By Mid Next Year 

On the other hand, the other companies such as Volkswagen Auto Group, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW Auto Group will set up 350-kilowatt capacity around 400 charging stations across the major highways by the mid of next year.

Not only in Europe and North America, India is also growing rapidly as the government’s aim to bring 30% EVs on road by 2030. Regarding this, it is taking many initiatives to encourage and promote EVs in India.

About EV charging infrastructures government has proposed to install EV charging stations at 25 km on highways and roads across the country.The government with the FAME-II adoption providing subsidies and incentives for EVs in India.

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