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Electric three-wheelers sales grew to 21% more than ICE three-wheeler counts only 10.6%

Electric three-wheelers sales

The push of the government to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) in the country is the right decision taken. For the first time, the sales of electric vehicles are more than ICE engine vehicles. Electric three-wheelers sales are witnessed to be more than conventional vehicles in the auto industry. India now sells more electric three-wheelers than the conventional electric three-wheelers. 

Electric three-wheelers sales grew to 21% more than ICE three-wheeler counts only 10.6%

The manufacturers such as Mahindra & Mahindra and Lohia witnessed the bookings of the lithium-ion electric passenger three-wheelers (e-auto). The electric three-wheelers become popular for their cheaper operating cost and the super savings.

Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) Reports 

Electric three-wheelers sales

According to the reports of Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), the lobby body for electric vehicles, there is 21 percent increase in the growth of the sales of electric three-wheeler in the year 2018-19 to 630,000 as against 520,000 sold in 2017-2018.

Whereas the sales of petrol, diesel and CNG-powered passenger three-wheelers increased by just 10.6 percent to 572,400 units in 2018 when compared to 517,400 units sold in 2017-18.

Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra, Pawan Goenka says, 

The managing director, Mahindra & Mahindra, Pawan Goenka, said, “There is no doubt that the regular (petrol, diesel, and CNG-powered) three-wheeler will become more expensive. Hence there will be a better justification for electric three-wheelers. There is a strong business case today for an end operator to buy an electric three-wheeler and post-BS-VI it will become even stronger.”

However, many electric three-wheelers are from unorganized market and use the cheap parts from China. There is a quick adoption of e-rickshaws or e-autos specifically in East and North India, which gives the low TCO and a great saving each day.

There is also another reason for the growth of electric three-wheelers as the ownership economics of vehicles. 

Price comparison between an electric and petrol three-wheeler  

For example, if we take Mahindra Treo Yaari which is priced at 1.35 lakh whereas the basic petrol version Bajaj auto-rickshaw has priced at Rs 1.10 lakh with a premium of Rs 25,000. The Mahindra’s e-auto is attracting more to the buyers.

Cost comparison between an electric and petrol three-wheeler  

The running cost of the electric three-wheeler is about Rs 0.5 per km whereas the petrol bases three-wheelers running cost is Rs 4 per km.

Range issues 

However, there is only one thing that is range the electric three-wheeler offers around 130 km for a full charge and petrol-based vehicles give 190-200 km on a full tank of petrol.

Greaves Cotton said

Greaves Cotton said that the drivers are earning about Rs 200-300 more than every day they use to earn before with petrol vehicle. There is also a reduction in the physical fatigue that is needed to drive a manual or cycle rickshaw pullers.

Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto says 

“We are expanding our portfolio of electric three-wheelers. We are getting a lot of feedback, inquiry, and orders for them. There are some challenges for registrations. We have lithium-ion options apart from lead-acid. We are targeting 200-300 per month sales starting from Oct-Nov and this is a good number to start with. We are getting a good response from fleet operators,” Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto.

RTO’s lack of knowledge about electric three-wheeler registrations 

As the demand for EVs increases, the sales have been restricted as there is no proper planning for the registrations of such vehicles by the authority. The regional transport offices (RTOs) of few states don’t know how to register an electric three-wheeler the manufacturers are complaining.

There must be proper education given to the officials to adopt the new technology. “Even though we have demand and supply the sales are not happening because we have states that are not registering. If registration starts happening then we can sell in big quantities,” added Goenka.

More than 10 electric three-wheelers manufacturers 

There are more than 10 manufacturers who are into manufacturing electric three-wheelers with the advance stages to launch soon.

Manufacturers of electric three-wheelers in India 

Some of the companies or manufacturers of electric three-wheelers are Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor Company will launch EVs in 2019 and Piaggio an Italian company is ready to launch electric three-wheelers in the next few months.


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