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Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India- February 2019

Electric Vehicles Sales Report

Electric Vehicles Sales Report is the best source to know about the Electric Vehicles (EV) market potential in India. As we all are aware of the rapid growth of EVs in India as the government of India is taking initiatives by deploying EVs in government offices and making the use of EVs by providing incentives, subsidies, allotting parking spaces, charging infrastructures, etc.

Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India- February 2019 Highlights

According to FAME INDIA reports as of February 28, 2019.

  • 2,66,808 Electric Vehicles were sold in India,
  • Top sales in India were from Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu.

Let us see the statistics of each top State 

Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India – February 2019

States & Union Territories Total Sales
Uttar Pradesh 305
Karnataka 384
Rajasthan 159
Haryana 155
Maharashtra 155
Tamil Nadu 103
Punjab 86
Andhra Pradesh 58
Madhya Pradesh 56
Bihar 44
Uttarakhand 37
Gujarat 34
Chhattisgarh 26
Delhi 73
West Bengal 22
Telangana 33
Odisha 12
Kerala 9
Jharkhand 10
Puducherry 4
Chandigarh 2
Jammu and Kashmir 1
Assam 0
Goa 0
Himachal Pradesh 0
Manipur 0
Meghalaya 0
Nagaland 0
Tripura 0
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 0
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 0

The total number of electric vehicles sales in the month of February is 1768.

Let us now look at the electric vehicles sales in each State. 

Top 3 EV Four-wheeler States sales in February month

  • Delhi with sales of Four-wheeler – 50
  • Karnataka with sales of Four-wheeler – 45
  • Maharashtra with sales of four-wheeler- 33


Top 3 EV Three-wheeler sales States in February month

  • Haryana with sales of three-wheeler-18
  • Uttar Pradesh with sales of three-wheeler- 12
  • Jharkhand with sales of three-wheeler- 5

Top 3 EV Two Wheeler Sales States in February month

  • Karnataka  with sales of two-wheeler-339
  • Uttar Pradesh with sales of two-wheeler- 290
  • Rajasthan with sales of two-wheeler- 159

Therefore with the reports above, we can understood that electric vehicle consumers interested in buying speed vehicles. This sales report consists of electric vehicles which can cover under FAME INDIA incentives.

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