June 12, 2024

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Electric Vehicle Chargers: Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric Vehicle Chargers

You all know Electric vehicles need charging, don’t worry it’s as simple as charging your mobile phone. You can charge your EV anywhere whether be at home, public stations and even at your workplace. EV can be recharged by plugging in the chargers through a source of electric power supply. There are many kinds of Electric Vehicle chargers available in the market depending on the need of an individual EV.

Electric Vehicle Chargers Types

Here are some basic different kinds of electric vehicle chargers you may need to know. There are three levels of charging.

1. Level 1-Households

Level 1 charger is regular and portable one which is 110 outlets can be used anywhere by plugging it into the electrical outlet. Per hour they charge at the rate of 4 miles. Level 1 chargers are very slow, it takes almost 9 hours to charge an electric car with a range of 40 miles.

2. Level 2- Business

In this level the charging can be done 4-5 times faster than in the level 1. 240-volt power device is connected to the cars. Per hour charging can take you to up to 20 miles. You can charge at home and also there many public stations such as shopping centers, public parks etc.

3. Level 3-Commercial:

This level consists of 480 volts power which is the most powerful and fastest charging facility available. It charges 80% in just 20-30 minutes. It changes the AC power to the DC for the power to be stored in EV batteries.
You may also find some free charging points or charge some fewer amounts. You may also use your common credit cards or also some charging stations need special cards such as BLINK, CHARGE POINT and EVGO.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the Electric Vehicle chargers:

Advantages of EV Chargers

• One of the best advantages of using the EV is it saves the environment to be polluted from the fossil fuels. With the increase in the population and their desires which is causing global warming can be reduced with the EV.
• More quiet
• Cheaper and easy to charge.
• Best speed experience

Disadvantages of EV Chargers

• It consumes time depending on the charger source is used.
• The unavailability of the required charging stations in India.
• It’s expensive
• Minimal amount of pollution

Apart from AC chargers, DC chargers are more powerful and faster, they can charge an electric car with a maximum range of 40 miles in just one hour. But, DC chargers are very expensive. Though EV has better facilities to its consumers it also has both advantages and disadvantages.

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