May 18, 2024

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This Electric Motorcycle is Insane-SUN RON Light Bee

ELECTRIC motorcycle

The first word from any rider after seeing this motorcycle is INSANE.SUR-RON is the company launched this crazy electric motorcycle light in France and Benelux.

ELECTRIC motorcycle


These Electric motorcycles are high- reliably affordable price with a capability of both urban and sports mobility. It comes with a waterproof removable battery pack.





Insane Electric Motorcycle Specifications

  • High torque guaranteed
  • No clutch needed single speed.
  • Removable battery
  • Charge instantly with USB
  • A weight of 100 pounds
  • Available in gray, blue and red colors
  • Humungous 2000 watt-hour battery for huge range and power
  • A lightweight aluminum frame which provides high strength.
  • Easy to operate

ELECTRIC motorcycle

SUN RON Light Bee price

The price of SUN RON Light Bee is $3,474.95.

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