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Electric & Hybrid vehicle technology expo 2019

Electric & Hybrid vehicle technology

The ongoing Electric & Hybrid vehicle technology expo 2019 from 7th to 9th May at Stuttgart, Germany.

The event is Europe’s largest trade fair for H/EV technology which features 450+ manufacturers and service providers from across the entire H/EV and battery supply chain.

Electric & Hybrid vehicle technology expo 2019

Showcasing the thousands of designs, production and manufacturing solutions which include electrical powertrains and components, battery management systems, materials and equipment for passenger, commercial and industrial H/EVs.

This free trade provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about the trending technology. With a trade fair, you will also have an expert-led conference.

Electric & Hybrid vehicle technology-Insights of the conference

  • Zero- and Low-Emission Mobility for Europe, As Seen By the European Commission
  • Realizing a European Based Battery Value Chain
  • Driving Efficiency in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Enabling the Next Generation of Electric Autonomous Vehicles and delivering Mobility As A Service

  • The Landscape for Automotive Powertrains – A Pragmatic Outlook for a Practically Achievable Future
  • Hybrid & EV Market Forecasts, Analysis and Opportunities 
  • Understanding the Current and Future Role of China in Accelerating the Electric Vehicle Market
  • 48V Systems: Optimising Next Generation 48V Systems and Architectures To Deliver Fuel Efficiency And Reduced Emissions In The Immediate Term
  • Examining the Fuel Economy Benefits Offered By 48V Mild-Hybridisation
  • From 48V Market Introduction to Mass Market – Opportunities for System Optimization
  • Assessing Battery Application Market Trends
  • Lithium-ion Battery Market Outlook and the Implications for the Supply Chain
  • Forecasting Raw Materials Cost and Availability and Investigating Trends in Global Procurement Strategies
  • Powertrain Efficiency: Evaluating the Different Techniques for Improving the Energy Efficiency of The Electric Powertrain
  • Hybridization: Examining the Latest Technologies and Architectures to Deliver Electric Vehicle Efficiency and Meet Customer Demands
  • Balancing Functionality and Application Design in OEM Platform & Battery Development
  • Electrification for the Masses: Optimising 48V Battery Systems for Mild-Hybrids
  • Extending Battery Life, Range and Performance through Battery Management Systems
  • Moving Toward Higher Nickel Chemistries in Lithium-Ion Batteries for Increased Energy Density

  • Future Proofing 12V Technologies: Lead Acid VS Lithium and Alternative Technologies
  • Bus Operator Case Studies: Outlining the Challenges of Deploying an Electric Bus Fleet, Lessons Learnt and Future Requirements for the Manufacturers
  • Fast Charging: What Impact Will Fast Charging and XFC Have on Powertrain Design and What Are the Latest Developments in Dynamic Charging Systems?
  • Commercial Vehicles: Evaluating the Latest Developments in Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks and Large-Scale Electric and Hybrid Powertrains
  • Validating Solid-State Battery Technology for Commercialising and Scale-up
  • Creating Material Feed Stock Through Battery Recycling
  • Ramping Up Battery Assembly to Meet Future OEM Demand: Building Gigafactories in the EU

  • Review of Current Battery Factories For Europe and Outlook on Future Potentials For an Integrated Value Chain.


The conference is covering all the trending and most important, relevant topics to be covered under the Electric & Hybrid vehicle technology. If you attend this expo and conference I am confident that you will gain a lot of knowledge in the field. 

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