September 18, 2021

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Electric bikes RV400, KM3000 & KM4000 comparison 

Electric bikes

Electric bikes RV400, KM3000 & KM4000 comparison 

Two-wheelers in India is always on the top priority list and now people have got some other option too ‘electric two-wheelers‘ in the list. Most people are interested today to buy electric two-wheelers especially bikes. But there are some people who don’t even want to buy as of now due to lack of charging infrastructure, high cost or not confident about the technology, etc are still keen to know about the existing as well as upcoming electric vehicles launching in India.

For them, we have got something popular and powerful electric bikes from two different companies. Let us compare some of the Electric Bikes available in India. 

Electric bikes

At current we don’t have many options but still, we have a few powerful electric bikes. One is the most popular and India’s first AI-enabled bike Revolt RV400 and another is the recently launched electric bikes KM 3000 and KM 4000. 

Revolt RV 400

Electric bikes

RV400 electric bike is India’s first fully-electric AI-enabled motorcycle that had been launched in 2019. This bike can be purchased by using the ‘My Revolt Plan’

Revolt RV 400 features

The Revolt RV 400 comes with voice-enable technology provided by Google which is for the time first in the world. It comes with a revolt smart key, LED Headlamp with DRL, 270-degree viewing angle tail-lamp, tubeless tires with front & rear disc brakes.

It comes with a regenerative braking system and a combined braking system. Some of its other features side stand sensor, easy storage, USB charger, and accessory hooks, etc.

KM3000 & KM4000

Electric bikes

The KM3000 & KM4000 electric bikes launched recently and are from Kabira Mobility. These electric bikes are completely ‘Made in India,’ and are high-speed electric motorcycles. They have the sleekest and aerodynamic design which gives a sporty appearance to the bikes.

KM3000 & KM4000 features 

These electric bikes key features include combi brakes, long-range, fast charging on board, roadside assistance, stylish and high performance. It has a fireproof battery, geo-fencing, park assist, and many more. These electric warriors are modern and have a sleek aerodynamic design.

Electric bikes

Its features include an LED tail lamp, a smart dashboard with a 450 nits brightness screen with Bluetooth connectivity. Its added feature is that it can be charged with a Type 2 universal charger which means it can be charged at any available charging points across India.

So riders need not worry about their charger types and where can be the same charging stations can be found. It comes with three riding modes.

Let us now compare the technical specifications & price of Revolt RV400, KM3000 & KM4000 electric bikes

S.NO Specifications Revolt RV400 KM3000 KM4000
1 Top speed 85 kmph 100 kmph 120 kmph
2 Motor 6000W 3000W 5000W
3 Range 150 km 120 km 150 km
4 Battery 3.24 kWh 4 kWh 4 kWh
5 Charging time 4.5 hours 6.5 hours 6.5 hours
6 Warranty 3yrs (unlimited) 3 yrs 3 yrs
7 Price Rs 1.19 lakh Rs 1.27 lakh Rs 1.37 lakh

With the above comparisons, we can say that these electric bikes are best on their own. 

In terms of Top speed

KM3000 and KM4000 electric bikes are giving a top speed of 100 kmph and 120 kmph, whereas Revolt RV400’s top speed is just 85 kmph when compared to those two electric bikes

In terms of Motor

Revolt RV 400 comes with a powerful motor of 6000W and KM3000 and KM4000 electric bikes are equipped with 3000W and 5000W. 

In terms of Battery 

KM3000 and KM4000 electric bikes have a more battery capacity of 4kWh for both, whereas Revolt RV 400 is coming with a 3.24 kWh battery capacity. 

In terms of Range 

The range is something most important which every biker is most concerned about. The Revolt RV400 and KM4000 are providing a range of 150 km, whereas the KM3000 120 km. 

In terms of Charging time

Revolt RV400 charges in 4.5 hours and both KM3000 and KM4000 electric bikes charges in 6.5 hours. 

In terms of Pricing 

The Revolt RV has priced at Rs 1.19 lakh, KM3000 is priced at Rs 1.27 lakh and the KM4000 is priced at Rs 1.37 lakh. 

So, people looking for range can select any of the two bikes such as Revolt RV 400 and KM3000 and people looking for bikes for less price can go for Revolt RV 400 as it is priced at Rs 1.19 lakh and the other two bikes are priced more than RV400. 

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