May 23, 2024

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Ecolife 9M Electric Bus

Ecolife 9M Electric Bus

Ecolife 9M Electric Bus

JBM Group is one of the electric bus manufacturers in India and Ecolife 9M is their urban compact bus. The design of this is compatible with most of the narrow streets and short turns in any urban environment. Also, this bus has different battery sizes and other customizations that enable the range according to the requirements. Apart from this description, there is a lot to know about the Ecolife 9M electric bus from JBM Auto.

Ecolife 9M Electric Bus
Ecolife 9M Electric Bus

About JBM Auto

JBM Auto company is into bus manufacturing with modern intra-city buses as a primary goal. They manufacture electric buses in association with Solaris Bus from Europe. The primary focus of JBM is to be a one-stop solution provider in the Electric Vehicles segment by providing a complete ecosystem solution for Electric transportation. This ecosystem consists of Battery Technology, Electric Bus & Charging Infrastructure. They are now active in design, development, engineering, prototyping, testing and validation. 

Technical overview

The chassis of Ecolife 9M is monocoque with aluminum for side panels. To move this frame, it has an electric motor which gives an output of 80KW to 160KW. Unlike most other buses, there is no standard range for Ecolife 9M Lithium battery pack because it is customizable according to the requirement of the operator. This custom battery size will be helpful in the purchase and also the operating cost of the vehicle.

Ecolife 9M driver panel
Ecolife 9M driver panel

The interesting part of this bus is that it is compatible with two types of charging which are plug-in and pantographs. To supports this compatibility the bus has an inlet for charging plug and also a pantograph on top for overhead charging.

Additional features

Ecolife 9M also has the kneel option and a ramp for wheelchair accessibility. To address the safety concern, Ecoloife 9M comes with an Electronic braking system (EBS) for both of the braking options.

For more relevant information on electric bus watch our video below in English, Hindi and Telugu.

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