March 03, 2021

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E-scooter or petrol scooter?

E-scooter or petrol scooter?

E-scooter or petrol scooter?

The transition of petrol to electric is highest in the two-wheeler sector in India. But it’s not up to the expectation in the country which is the biggest two-wheeler market. India being a two-wheeler loving country is not yet ready for electrification in its rural space. However, most urban riders are interested in shifting to E-scooters only because of increased fuel price but not due to concern for emission in mind. Let’s have an in-depth comparison between E-scooter and petrol scooter.

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Electric scooters aren’t strangers for India because they have been in India for around 10 years. In fact,  electric scooters are the first electric road vehicles which have been experimenting EV market in India which had even in the lead-acid battery era. The early electric scooters don’t require registration and license to drive because they are restricted to 25kmph top speed approximately. So they are encouraged by speed and safety cautious people in the beginning but poor quality and service network in most of these scooters has forced themselves to shutdown. Some of the automotive enthusiasts and engineers had started working on high-performance electric scooters with inspiration from foreign EV developments and formed their startups. The electric scooters in India’s start-up scenario have increased awareness and trying to change the perspective on E-scooter. Now auto giants and startups are trying to collaborate, compete in E-scooter space.

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E-scooters are now equipped with fast charge and battery swapping which makes them apt for an average urban rider’s requirement. You don’t need to charge your scooter overnight any more. Charging the E-scooter at your workplace is enough for your travel requirements in a day. The low maintenance cost and electricity bill which is very less than fuel expense per month. E-scooters are great for quick trips which are quite common for urban commuters.

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Petrol scooters had a great share in the Indian two-wheeler market because of scooters focus on making a perfect two-wheeler for driving eligible age groups. Chetak and Activa have unlocked the Indian scooter market potential and made them widespread in their respective time periods.

When compared to electric, most petrol scooters offer the same levels of safety and comfortable city ride. But the IC engine in scooters requires maintenance and service at regular intervals. This maintenance is the second most expensive after fuel for any rider.


Electrification of Automotive industry and encouragement from the government has been making Automobile companies to support charging and swapping stations. Most urban riders have fixed or short distances as a part of their daily commute. Switching to electric can save their expenses and encourage eco-friendly commute if the ride is planned accurately while utilizing the charging resources provided at a public or private place.

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