August 06, 2020

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Delhi EV Policy 2019 Highlights

Delhi EV Policy 2019 Highlights

Delhi EV Policy 2019 Highlights

The Delhi Govt announced EV policy 2019 with a motto to reduce air pollution levels by promoting electric mobility in the state. Here are the Delhi EV Policy 2019 Highlights. 

The policy main motto is: 

  • To improve the air quality of Delhi. 
  • Setting up Charging Infrastructure
  • Job creations
  • Avoid Oil Imports
  • Incentives for Electric Vehicle Buyers

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  • Planning for 35,000 new electric vehicles including (2/3/4 Wheelers and buses)
  • 1000 EVs for last-mile deliveries 250 public charging/swapping stations

Plan for the next 5 years

  • 5 lakh new EVs registrations, with this step Delhi government can Avoid Rs 6,000 crores in oil and liquid natural gas imports and
  • 4.8 million tonnes of CO2 can be reduced

Benefits for EV Buyers

  • EV owners are exempted from road tax and registration fees
  • Government incentives

For Two-wheelers

  • Purchase incentive of ₹5,000 per kWh of battery capacity
  • Max ₹10,000 subsidy on Two Wheeler
  • electric two-wheeler taxis for a clean last-mile connectivity
  • All two-wheelers engaged in last-mile deliveries should be 100% electric by March 2025

For Electric Three-wheeler

  • Purchase Incentive of ₹30,000 per vehicle
  • Open Permit for E-Autos on first come first serve

For Electric four-wheeler

  • Purchase Incentive of  ₹10,000 per kWh of battery capacity for first 1000 cars with a maximum incentive cap of Rs 1,50,000 per vehicle
  • 50% on new buses to be electric in Delhi

For Charging Infrastructure

  • Subsidy for the purchase of charging equipment up to ₹6,000 per charging point for the first 30,000 charging points at homes/workplaces.
  • Providing accessible public charging/battery swapping facilities within 3 km travel from anywhere in Delhi
So, these are the highlights of Delhi EV policy 2019, it is a great initiative from the Delhi government introducing EV policy to reduce pollution levels. 
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