May 31, 2020

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1,071 e-cars sold-Comparison of Tata Nexon, MG ZS & Hyundai Kona

Comparison of Tata Nexon, MG ZS & Hyundai Kona

1,071 e-cars sold-Comparison of Tata Nexon,

MG ZS & Hyundai Kona

As we all know very well that India is electrifying slowly but steadily. There were 1,071 electric cars were sold in India from April to October 2019. In India, we have very few electric car models launched and are available to the customers. At current we have only these electric cars in India such as Hyundai Kona, Tigor EV, Mahindra eVerito, MG ZS, E20 and now Tata Nexon EV is added to the list. So if you are planning to buy an electric car this year, here we have some options for you, let us compare and see their specifications. Here is the Comparison of Tata Nexon, MG ZS & Hyundai Kona.

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According to the reports, out of Mahindra eVerito, Tata Tigor, Hyundai Kona and E20, from April to October Mahindra sold the most number of electric cars. It sold 434 units of eVerito and 21 units of the E20. After Mahindra Tata Motors sold 389 units of Tigor EV. Whereas from June-October 2019, Hyundai sold 227 units of the Kona Electric.

Out of overall cars sale of 16,05,549, EV sales accounted for just 0.067%. We can say on an average 153 electric cars were sold in India per month. So let us now compare some of the electric cars in India. 

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Comparison of Tata Nexon, MG ZS & Hyundai Kona

The electric SUV, Tata Nexon will have a range of 300 km on a single charge and will come with the Tata’s Ziptron technology which offers the owners to charge their SUVs using both 15A socket and a DC fast charger. After, the Tigor EV the automaker will launch its second electric car.

So, let us now compare the three electric SUVs Tata Nexon, MG ZS & Hyundai Kona. 

Specifications Tata Nexon EV MG ZS Hyundai Kona
Range 300 Km 340 Km 452 Km
Power 129 PS 150 PS 136 PS
Battery 30.2 kWh 44.5 kWh 39.2 kWh
Acceleration 0- 100 km/ph in

9.9 secs

0-100 km/h in 8.5 secs 0-100km/h in 9.7 secs
Charging time 15A socket & DC fast


80% in 50 mins

50kW DC fast charger

6 hrs 10 mins, DC fast

charging- 0-80% in 57 mins

Torque 245 NM 353 NM 395 NM
Price Rs 15-17 Lakh

( Estimated)

Rs 25 lakh ( Estimated) 23.91 lakh

So, basically with the comparison, we can understand that for any EV range is very important. It is the first thing which people look for.

In terms of range, Hyundai Kona is offering 452 km of a range which is the best range in this segment. And if people looking for a cheaper electric car then Tata Nexon EV will rule the segment. 

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