June 10, 2023

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Business outlook for EV charging stations in 2023

Business outlook for EV charging stations in 2023

India’s largest EV charging station provider, Relux Electric

The EV sector is a huge industry with huge opportunities to become a successful growth company. Today, investing in the EV sector can produce the best return on your investment. Also, the EV sector has many categories to invest in, each of which is best suited to success.


In the EV sector, charging stations have proven to be the best category or opportunity. The charging stations are one of the networked business areas of electric vehicles. Currently, most EV customers are hesitant to buy electric vehicles due to the lack of charging stations in India. Numerous entrepreneurs are looking to shop for charging stations in their respective locations.


Here we introduce one such company, Relux Electric. Relux Electric is India’s largest and leading EV charging infrastructure provider. They are the only company to provide end-to-end charging services to both private and public sectors under the MOP guidelines of the Government of India across India.


Relux is a group of companies active in the electric vehicle charging segment since 2012. And for the past three years, they’ve been hooked on going to public charging stations. Also, there are currently about 55 stations. Of these, Tamil Nadu has over 20 stations. And these are all fast charging stations and super fast charging stations.

The company currently provides services in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Telangana, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. They offer the most suitable solution for home, commercial and professional use.

They offer an entrepreneurial business model to join the EV revolution and clean up India by opening charging stations with a 100% investment guarantee.

Relux Electric is the first company to have a battery replacement factory in India. Karthikeyan Santharam, MD of RELUX is a Board Member of the Charge Point Operator Society of India. RELUX partnered with state-owned electric vehicles Fs4 and HEB to install charging stations on national highways. The company has already installed many charging stations on national highways. The company also aims to install charging stations every 100 kilometers along national highways. Now they are also targeting NH44.

The company offers three business models. But they are included in the charging station setup, not in the sale of some kind of machine. They do all the setup and handle all the maintenance and revenue. As the company says, Relux’s uptime is always higher than other operators. We operate multiple fleets on highways, including fleets. Depending on the application, the company has another team to analyse points, traffic, requirements, location facilities, and perspective. This is whether you need 30kw or 60kw, or 180kw, and what kind of customers you serve, etc.


We take care of these things. Only after such analysis and research our team will determine the location. We are also focus on supporting their customers in every way possible, said the managing director of Relux Electric, Karthikeyan.


He further added, “Even if the charger isn’t working or there are other confusions or issues if a customer comes to Relux, regional customer service is available in five different Languages. And our company is the only company that offers customer support in five regional languages. We have an electrician at each charging station to provide a more convenient and easy service for our customers.”


First plan:


This Plan costs Rs 100,000 which includes a 5-year contract, along with Maintenance Software Charges and Technical Assistance during the tenure. In addition, Rs 10 lakh includes the canopy and power, and Relux will pay the monthly EB bill. Relux will pay the Franchise 7000 as a minimum guaranteed rental for the first three years. Relux Offers Free Upgrades of Machines during the tenure of the Contract.


Second plan:


This Plan costs Rs 200,000 which includes a 5-year contract, along with Maintenance Software Charges and Technical Assistance during the tenure. In addition, Rs 20 lakh includes the canopy and power, and Relux will pay the monthly EB bill and respective taxes. Relux will pay the Franchise 15,000 as a minimum guaranteed rental for the first four years.


Fleet Operators:


Karthikeyan said “The company launching on Fleets Plan from April 1st to all Fleet operators across INDIA, where we don’t want Fleets to invest and maintain any chargers at additional cost. No need to pay as per consumption, As a green Initiative, RELUX has taken a big step towards fleets.”


Fleet operators are at the heart of their business and offer rental-based rates to support green mobility. Therefore, they plan to launch this plan in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Pune first. These are the four cities they completed.

Also, he said he currently has plans for rent out a DC fast charger 30kw CCSe just for 20000/Month with a unlimited Usage of unit consumption for their fleets.Additionaly, AMC and CMS is also free,. The minimum downtime guarantee is 48 hours. If an issue occurs within 48 hours, it will be fixed. Otherwise, the company will replace the charger.


Compared to other companies, they are the only ones with a complete set-up and an entire ecosystem that makes it easy for customers to use their services.


The Relux team has extensive experience in the industry and always provides the highest quality service to customers. Relux has over 10 years of experience owning and operating the nation’s largest public company. As one of the first lean companies, it was a pioneer in development.


Karthikeyan, Managing Director of Relux Electric, discusses the company’s business plan in this video, watch the video below


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