May 19, 2024

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Shado Group invests 70 Cr to produce e-three-wheelers, charges in 5 mins!


The Singapore based Shado Group is planning to make an investment of $10 million (approximately Rs 70 crore) for the production of electric three-wheelers in its Pune factory. The first of them will be introduced in the Bengaluru, Erick e-three-wheelers. 

Shado Group invests 70 Cr to produce e-three-wheelers, chargers in 5 mins!

The company is one of the leading EVs technology and charging infrastructure providers. The electric three-wheeler from the company is affordable. low-voltage, high performance, and more interestingly charges in just 5 minutes.

 e-three-wheelers ‘Erick’

The Electric three-wheeler is named as ‘Erick.’ Erick is specifically made for Indian customers. It is developed by the Adarin Engineering Technologies. It offers a range of 70km per charge and can be run at high ambient temperatures.

 e-three-wheelers, charges in just 5 minutes 

Its ultracapacitor battery lets it charge in just 5 minutes. The company Co-CEO, Saurabh Markandeya, and Executive Director say that it solves the charging infrastructure issues by creating mobile power banks place anywhere in the city and also the fixed charging stations.

The company provides the from on-grid fixed charging stations or off-grid mobile solar-powered charging points.

Electric passenger and cargo

The electric Erick three-wheels has two variants such as passenger and cargo. The company also equips the drivers and the fleet owners in India.

The battery lasts 20x longer

The Shado Group says the three-wheelers are meant to be low maintenance and zero emissions. The battery lasts 20x longer when compared to the other existing vehicles in the market. It doesn’t degrade even in the temperatures from -25 to +60 degree Celsius.

The company made a lot of R&D for years in its research centers in Singapore, Malacca, and Bengaluru.

It has a loading capacity up to 500kg

It has the loading capacity up to 500kg without creating any hindrances in the said performance. The company is planning to manufacture 1,000 units per month for the Indian market. The electric three-wheelers are costing only Rs 1.50 per kilometer.

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