July 23, 2024

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Govt to use petrol pumps for electric charging stations

electric charging stations

electric charging stations, Government is looking forward to setting up a mega battery manufacturing and charging infrastructure which includes the use of petrol pumps for electric charging points to encourage the use of electric vehicles in India.

Govt to use petrol pumps for electric charging stations

As the government decided to sell only electric three-wheelers by 2023 and two-wheelers having an engine capacity of up to 150cc will have to electrify by 2025. For that purpose government to roll out EV program and limits the sale of two- and three-wheelers in metropolitan cities that are highly polluted.

BSIV emission standard norms

This will be similar to the BSIV emission standards implementation which will help the automakers getting some time for the complete transition to electric.

A senior official said that there is a lack of charging points across the country and the government is planning to how to make use of petrol pumps to get charging stations. If you have enough charging stations across the country, it promotes the use of electric vehicles.

Currently around 60,000 petrol stations

There are currently around 60,000 petrol stations operated by the State-run companies and planning to add more around 60,000 petrol pumps. Some private companies also have gas stations across the country. The industry is suffering for not having enough charging infrastructure and the use of existing fuel stations are winning.

Manufacture electric vehicles and batteries in India

Apart from this government also wants to turn India to manufacture the vehicles and batteries so that India will have a sufficient amount of equipment avoiding the imports from other countries.

As India imports many electronic goods and mobile phones from China and other countries making China as the global manufacturing hub.

If we have all these facilities available in our country, we need not import from other countries, making India a manufacturing hub for electric vehicles and batteries in the future. Hopefully, we will not see made in China or any other countries name when we check on batteries or EVs. 


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