June 22, 2024

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Bollinger B1-World’s First All Electric Sport Utility Truck

BOLLINGER B1 electric truck

Bollinger B1 World’s First All-Electric Sports Utility Truck designed and manufactured by Bollinger motors. Looks like an electric Jeep. It comes with all-wheel drive feature.


Bollinger Motors has started implementing the electric truck form 2014 and exactly after 20 months after Bollinger-B1 launched. It is a team of truck lovers who added functionality, performance, and capability to the electric truck.

BOLLINGER B1 electric vehicle
BOLLINGER-B1 electric vehicle

Bollinger B1 is a 100% electric drivetrain which delivers insane torque, Pollution free emissions, portable power supply and grid cabins.

BOLLINGER B1 electric jeep

Bollinger B1 specifications

Fully electric dual motor
Battery package of 125kWh
The top range of 321Km
Impressive 472 Ib-ft torque
Air Conditioning
Passenger capacity of 4
Regenerative Braking for optimal energy usage
Runs like a horse with 360 Horsepower


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