June 13, 2024

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Automakers Of India To Launch 22 Electric Cars Very Soon

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It’s a great EV news announcement, the Supreme Court has earlier announced that 22 models of electric cars of various vehicle manufacturers would be available in India soon and many famous companies like Tata, TVS, and Mahindra involving in it.

Indian government Encouraging Electric Vehicles


The government of India recently put most of its focus on pollution-free and Eco-friendly India. Earlier, the Indian government has taken its first step towards ‘Vision 2030 Electric India’.

A great opportunity for many emerging companies to perform their innovative work inventions for E-Mobility in the most promising event ‘Electric Vehicle India Summit 2018′, Organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce, supported by NITI Aayog and Ministry of Heavy Industries Govt. Of India.

Indian government encouraging Investments on electric vehicles and EV batteries. They also inviting foreign investors for an eco-friendly India. As a part of it, India signed an agreement with Japan for the future EV development.

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