July 15, 2020

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COVID-19 lockdown EV innovations 

COVID-19 lockdown EV innovations

COVID-19 lockdown EV innovations 

India was locked down due to COVID-19 pandemic since 25 March and 1.3 billion and with more than 100 million vehicles of all types, duration, engines and fuel on roads was stopped for some time, which has not only affected on the people but it has also done something good to the environment. The smoke sputtering trucks, two-wheelers, three-wheelers and cars were not running on roads.

COVID-19 lockdown EV innovations 

COVID-19: India is breathing fresh air after 40 years

India witnessed some losses and benefits of the lockdown, but the biggest benefit was to the environment. There were some of the essential vehicles were plying on the roads but from that, most of them were the electric vehicles. Several electric vehicles manufacturers had taken great initiatives to fight against the pandemic.

Covid-19: Kinetic launched fogging & spraying EVs in India

COVID-19-Mahindra launches free emergency cab services

Bombay High Court suggested EVs will supply LPG cylinders 

The Bombay high court today suggested that electric vehicles should be used for supplying LPG cylinders to ecologically sensitive Matheran. It has observed that the essential commodities can be transported to the hill stations using EVs instead of using horseback.

Modified E-rickshaw and E-bike

The Coronavirus lockdown has given rise to many ideas and innovations among the common people also. As it is locked down all over India and public transportation is not available for the people and it is difficult to even imagine without it as half of the Indian population is dependant on the public transportation and this made people become creative. 

As social distancing is mandatory and travelling in public transportation has ended up some amazing innovations such as a modified e-rickshaw and a COVID-19 e-bike.

COVID-19 made people innovative-Electric rickshaw & bike innovation

EV Industry growth 

Electric Rickshaws will lead the EV industry 

The India E-Rickshaw market has been crossed 2.5 billion USD in 2018 and it is expected to grow high in numbers in the coming years 2019 to 2025. Electric Rickshaw is affordable, flexible and non-polluting which is also known as Intermediate Para-Transit (IPT) system. It is used in everyday commutes in every city of India and is playing an important role in solving the last mile intercity connectivity.

Electric Rickshaws in India has been started to run on Indian roads since 2010 and mostly they can be seen in the Delhi-NCR region. As e-rickshaws are very popular as they are eco-friendly and is operated by the batteries.  In major urban and suburban cities of India e-rickshaws are highly in demand and is the most preferred mode of transportation.

The government’s plan such as the National Electric Mobility Plan (NEMP) will help the electric rickshaws as well as electric vehicles to grow over the years to come. The Indian government is currently focusing on promoting electric vehicles in public transportation and fleets, with emphasis on two-wheelers and three-wheelers, taxis and buses.

Mahindra targets 10,000 electric vehicles 

Recently, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd made an announcement that it will focus more on electric three-wheelers. The company wants to shift its focus from electric cars to electric three-wheelers as India’s top electric vehicle manufacturer by volume and seeks to improve the viability of its e-mobility business.

The company has set targets of selling 10,000 electric three-wheelers each month and is in talks with the state governments and to sell it as private entities to promote the sales of eco-friendly vehicles.

Hopefully, people will prefer more electric vehicles than ICE vehicles, as this lockdown has already proved us how vehicular pollution is destroying our environment. We wish all the best to all the existing EV automakers and startups and the those who are planning to enter into the EV industry to bring the massive EV revolution in India. 

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